The Ability to delete OTA logos

This morning the Circle ch 6.3 launched today. My issue is Channels wont show new sub channel in the Guide. The Local affiliate replaced Grit TV ch 6.3 with Circle Network and added sub channel 6.5 and placed Grit TV there. New network Circle has no logo yet on the OTA guide. This causes Grit TV 6.5 not to show in the guide. I can see channel 6.3 (Circle), but it shows Grit TV programming. Need a way to at least have the ability to delete channel logo so Grit TV can be tuned. HD Homerun DVR app dosen’t have the issue so I have to view them there for the time being.

Did you update the guide? In the web interface Settings page under Guide Database, in Maintenance you can select Fetch Guide Updates, Re-Download Entire Guide, and Refresh Station Logos.

Yes I did.

If the guide data is correct on the HDHR app, you can force Channels to use it's guide mapping.
Open the Channels DVR web UI, hold down SHIFT and click the guide refresh circle next to your HDHR device.

This does nothing. The OTA guide data has not included the new channel yet. It usually takes weeks, like it did for Dabl. I would like to delete the Channel logo for Circle so both channels will appear on the guide on the Fire TV device. Right now Channels thinks there are two Grit TV channels therefore showing only one.

OK, you'll probably have to wait for one of the developers to reply.
That's supposed to pull the guide mappings from your HDHR device when you hold SHIFT and click refresh.

I don't understand what the logo has to do with being able to tune a channel?

just tell me how to get this working properly so I can view and record the channel.

What device are you using Channels on?

What are the names of the two channels as shown on vs what shows up when you click the pencil icon under your HDHR?

Circle Network and Grit TV. OTA guide shows guide info for both as Circle TV. This is not an issue with channels, that I understand. I would like to see both channels on Fire TV so I can view them. I edited the Circle Network logo with a channel that I have hidden, both channels show in the guide, but Circle TV has the logo of the hidden channel. I am asking if its possible to make this logo blank or delete so it will at least display the channel ID. Where ever guide comes from, they have not updated the database for the market I’m in.
These channels act like the TVE locals and OTA locals will not show in the guide. I believe the guide uses these logos to Identify the channels to populate the guide..

The logos are not used for anything but display. Can you screenshot what is shown when you click pencil under your HDHR for those two channels?

Circle TV and Grit. Theres no logo for Circle so Channels selected the Grit TV displays the channels. but both have the same guide info. At least I can select and view them on my Fire TV in HDhomerun DVR app.

Here what the web Ui guide shows those channels. 6.3 and 6.5

Thank you. I understand what you mean now. Let me see how best to fix this.

He could map his 6.3 to guide from 48.3 WAFFDT3 Circle TV Hunstville zip 35801
6.5 to guide from 48.5 WAFFDT5 Grit TV Hunstville zip 35801

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Good idea, that would work.

  1. Click pencil icon under HDHR
  2. Click plus icon at the top of the window and enter zipcode 35801 and select OTA
  3. Scroll down to 6.3 and click pencil icon at the right
  4. Type WAFFDT3 and select it

Ill try that, thanks.

It wont retain the added guide. It disappears when I close edit. When I click to edit again, new guide is not there. I was successful mapping Circle Logo, before closing, but not Grit TV. Only shows the old Grit TV at 6.3 need 6.5 to get proper guide info. At least I can view the new channels. Hope you can come up a fix.
Thanks tmm1

Can you screenshot what it looks like now in the pencil edit menu?

What is the issue now? The guide data for GRIT should be correct even if it says 6.3

Yes I got both mapped now. Grit TV was hard but after several attempts I got Grit TV logo and correct info guide.

I'm trying to make some improvements to the picker. Can you elaborate on what was hard or didn't work? In the screenshot you posted above it already had GRIT logo next to 6.5, so what else did you need to change?