Tivo Stream 4K Ethernet Connection - Speed to DVR Server?

Hi, I have a Tivo Stream 4K 3 feet away from a 5G wireless AP connected via Cat 8 cable to main router. Channels DVR Speed test delivers ~300Mbps from the Stream 4K to DVR Server. Is anyone running Tivo Stream 4K using wired Ethernet connection and if so, what speed are you getting from the Stream 4K to DVR Server? Trying to determine if its worth the investment in USB C Gigabit Adapter to hardwire to a GigE ethernet port that's on the wifi AP that is 3 feet away from my Stream 4K.

You may want to check the forums at tivocommunity.com ; there's a thread over there about USB-C devices supported by the TS4K, and the list looks pretty meager.

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300mbs is plenty of speed for channels. Why do you think you need more?

I don't. It's more about having a GigE wired port 4 feet away from the TiVo 4K that I'm curious to use.

If you choose to use your TS4K as your DVR server, the GbE would definitely be an advantage.

I am not an expert and I do not know for sure. Check the forums or hopefully one of the staff members can chime in.

I do not believe the bitrate the server is transmitting is that fast and you do not get any extra benefit between 300mps and 1gb.

I do not know the numbers and this is only an example. If the file is encoded at 100mbs, then having transition rates of 1GB is not giving you a benefit.

This would also only apply to your recorded shows stored on your devices. Your speed to stream internet content is limited to your bandwidth coming into the house.

Looks like someone was successful with a UGREEN USB to ETHERNET adapter in the TCF forum