Tivo Stream 4K vs. Chromecast with Google TV

I'm running DVR server on Tivo Stream 4K. It is connected to USB-C hub that has 60W USB-C power supply, Wireless keyboard dongle, and 2TB Western digital hard drive(set as internal storage). I've de-Tivoed it and like using the remote with as the Channels client but sometimes there is a delay.

Has anyone used both the TS4K and CCGTV? Is one better than the other? Do you like the CCGTV remote?

Keep in mind that although the TS4K has a USB-C port, it is still USB2. You will not get full speed from your external drive.

You may want to consider the CCGTV. However, to use external drives, you need a USB-C hub with power delivery (PD). I've also noticed that multiple drives with the CCGTV don't work as well as I would expect.

Honestly, your best option is to use something else small and cheap (like a Raspberry Pi, Brix, NUC or similar) for your server, and just use streaming devices for your clients. You may be able to get it working with the DVR on your TS4K or CCGTV, but you'll be much happier if you use a separate device.

FYI the CCGTV cannot run Channels DVR server. It runs Android 10 which does not allow apks to download and run binaries.

Good to know.

I was considering either a TS4K or CCGTV for a Channels server for my parents at a vacation home. But because running a server like this on Android is probably going to end up being an exercise in masochism, I've settled on repurposing an old ASUS BeeBox to host the server in a Podman container.

This may have a practical use. I spend about 200 nights a year in hotel rooms so I use channels remotely quite a bit. Watching recordings remotely usually works very well but live tv sometimes is almost unusable. Hotel wifi is usually the problem. I keep a second channels server installed on my travel laptop and run it for Watching live tv in hotels. I've only started doing this about a month ago but it works great so far compared to remote. Too bad it won't work on the ccgtv that is very reliable with hotel porthole login and the ts4k is hit and miss from hotel to hotel.