Too many bugs on the Android Client

Unless I'm mistaken, this is only true for non-HDHomeRun sources. For HDHR tuners, all channels—enabled, favorite, and disabled—are displayed in the source list of the clients.

nope. looking at one of my Shields now, under Philo, shows all the disabled channels, same as HDHR.

I apologize, I was referring to the Apple clients, not the Android clients. You stated the Apple TV only shows enabled channels; I was stating that while this is true for TV Everywhere and Custom Channels, that is not the case for HDHomeRun sources. On Apple clients even the disabled channels of HDHR tuners are displayed in the clients, contrary to your post.

Wrong. Looking at my Apple TV under the HDHR, only enabled/favorite channels showing.
29 channels says Channels on Apple TV, 77 on Shields, HDHR config direct detects 77 channels.

Same for TVE.

Android TV = shows ALL channels
Apple TV = Enabled/Fav channels only

maybe something is different some how for you, but this is what is true for me, same as the person who mentioned it.

This must be the case, as my Apple clients have always shown all channels, including the disabled ones, on my HDHomeRun tuners. Where our setups differ, I couldn't tell you, but obviously something is different.

I just learned. If you block shows on server. It doesn't block them on client.

On client go to setting, source. Click source. Then sync. Apparently you have to manually sync the client

Correct. Clients are independent of the server.
the Import function is the only way to "sync" the client to the server channel settings.

Thanks. The glitch is gone and everything appears to be working great now with the latest beta installed.

It's a bit better, but I'm still seeing this layout bug in the latest beta (v2022.01.22.2023). It seems to happen more readily after navigating down by roughly eight rows of thumbnails and then, with each press of the up button to go back up, the grid gets misaligned, and that alignment shifts/jumps around as you go back up (or back down again). Sometimes the grid alignment self-corrects by the time you reach the top of the page, but often it does not.

All my shows have metadata matched. Some are recorded from Pluto TV, so their poster/thumbnail is not always the same aspect ratio as the rest.

As promised, here is a non-metadata match made giant size:

Then everything becomes misaligned:

Then it just gets worse and worse:

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Yes, the recently updated screen bug is still not working for me. This one is really problematic as it's really hard to find the program you want to watch when there's a giant sized one.

Why is the size of the program blocks even variable? Should it just be a particular hardcoded size?

Fixed in latest beta.


So far, so good! The extra-sized Pluto images are cut off at the top and and bottom, but that doesn't bother me in the least. There appears to be extra space between the tiles, which I actually like quite a bit.

It's working well for me too!

Just had the no sound when entering a channel which seems to be happening more frequently for me.

Generated diagnostics at around 11:23pm. Was entering WPXI 11.1. First time had no sound. Backed out and reentered and there was sound. Then generated the diagnostics.

Does this usually happen when changing channels? Or also when you're in the app and launch the player fresh?

This does not normally happen when moving from channel to channel, but often occurs when starting a recording. In this instance, it happened when selecting a program from the On Now screen.

It happens far more often in the first scenario, but it seems to me like the second scenario is happening more frequently now.

While we're on a roll can we get this kids mode channel collection issue fixed too?

We've put out a new beta APK with much improved diagnostics. This should help us debug issues better in the future.


I downloaded the new beta earlier today so improved diagnostics should be available for this occurrence:

Just selected to watch a recording that is in progress from the beginning and it started with no sound. This was at approximately 5:15pm. Program was KDKA-TV News at Five.