TRASH Imported Movies

I notice you are working on import of tv shows so decided to check out my movies and noticed the movie logo's seem better. Not sure if you or my new movies are not having problems.

But, when looked at a movie I notice "Trash" option was still there. I did try to delete a old movie and it seem to go away but still in my disk.

What does the Trash do? I would prefer that you would not allow "Trash" of my imported movies? However, with TV Shows there could be a reason for that like we have for Recordings in the normal DVR. But this could also be an issue.

I guess still prefer an option to allow Trash or not allow it.


We haven't finalized how trash and imports are going to interact. This is an area which will be improved as the imports alpha progresses.

Starting with v2021.02.24.2307, imported videos which have been sent to Trash will be deleted off of the disk when the Trash is cleaned out. This fixes the issue where deleting an imported video would make it reappear after a few days (when it got scanned in again).

Thanks for the update. It seems in the Client you can disable the ability to delete files but I believe that also disables the ability to delete recordings and not just imported movies and shows. Right? And this can not be controlled in the Server (DVR)?

It might be nice to have the option of what media is able to be deleted. I do not think I would want any client to delete my library of Movies. Maybe Library of imported shows and recordings.

In the latest client betas, you can now set Allow Delete to Just DVR Recordings.

In the latest server prerelease, you can now force all your clients to have specific settings. See Beta - Server Side Client Settings

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Thanks. Really helpful.