Trashing Recordings Crashes Channels

Since the latest Beta update for Android TV (Nvidia Shield), When I click on the trash button on any recording, Channels DVR crashes every time. Also can not play any recorded content when the PIP mode is active and minimized, just freezes up and am forced to stop application from device settings. I'm not sure what has happened if the Nvidia Shield Upgrade or the latest Channels DVR update is the culprit. For right now I have turned off PIP so I can watch recorded content, and trash recordings from the web UI, Sent hourly diagnostics yesterday and will today.

We’re looking into this.

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I, too, have noticed this. However, it is not every time, but more like a crash 10–25% of the time. (At least the item(s) are successfully moved to the trash before the crash, otherwise this would indeed be horribly frustrating.)

For me if if I delete the first recording in a view with multiple it crashes.

My experience is any content crashes Channels DVR with PIP active or not. Seems like they need to allow us to downgrade the version till this is fixed. Its very frustrating. Mine just freeze up Nvidia Shiled. I can't go to the home screen till it eventually crashes or I repower the shield. I don't know what happened but right now I have stopped recording anything till this is rectified. PIP only works in the LIVE mode. Any recordings I want to watch I have to select the video from the Nvidia Shield home screen up next section. I'm now looking for alternatives to Channels DVR now.

You can have both the beta and the release versions installed side-by-side, as long as you installed the beta via sideloading from the Settings > Support menu in the client.

If you instead opted to join the beta program through the Play Store, then the beta replaces the release version. If that is your situation, then you can opt to leave the beta program from the Play Store, and it will downgrade you to the latest release version.

This issue is also happening on the released version as well. I even uninstalled both Beta and the released versions this weekend. After that didn't work, I did a reset on the Shield with no change. So Nvidia Shield Upgrade 8.2.3 is causing this issue or something else. I gave my Fire TV's away so I'm relying on my Plex for backup.

Which screen are you clicking trash from? Steps to reproduce this would be very helpful.

Okay I was able to reproduce the trash issue. A fix is uploading to beta now.

Well You beat me to it. I was just about to upload a pic of the screen but you found the issue. I have updated and it is not crashing when clicking on the trash button, But crash still happens when when I try to play a recording when PIP screen is active. The app just sits there with a frozen picture of LIVE TV and nothing happens till I reboot the shield. That's the only way to gain back control of the device.