Trying to add Direct TV

I get the popup saying I have multiple accounts with user credentials. It won't allow me to click to select the account I want to use for my provider. It seems to just be a JPEG image. I get this same popup outside of Channels server for watching and it allows me to select.

It would be easiest if you create a secondary login under the DTV account and use that

Is there another way since it is my sisters account and I don't want to screw anything up for her.

Adding a secondary account does not affect the primary account. It is essentially an "alias" that has all of the rights and privileges of the primary account. If you already are using her credentials (which grant you full access to her account), having your own unique credentials will not change the situation.

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I see, thank you. I'll see if I can figure out how to add one.

Unfortunately I was unable to find an option to create a secondary login. I looked under profile and many other areas but no joy.

This does not seem to be an option since they merged the AT&T accounts, any other workarounds to try?

I have tried to figure it out but nothing has worked for me. Sorry to go but looks like I'll have to cancel my subscription. It's a bummer because I liked the service and support has been very good. Maybe they will come up with a solution in the near future.

It doesn’t look like you ever submitted diagnostics to us after getting this error, so we don’t really have the details needed to identify why you ran into problems on this screen. If you do submit them after seeing this same error, we may get more info.

Hi Eric, You helped me before with DTV. I'm trying to share an Xfinity account and I get the same issue as before. It asks for a verification number that is texted or emailed but the pop up is just a JPEG and there is no way to enter the information Xfinity requests. I get through the username and password fine but then I am stuck. Is there a work around for entering the code they text? Thanks

If there is no recovery email/phone associated with the user account that wouldn't happen.

Use a secondary Viewer role account with 2FA/MFA/Recovery options disabled.

Thank you. Seems to be working good now. :+1:

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