Trying to get NBC

I have DirecTV and the local TV Networks via TV Everywhere works great for ABC, CBS, and Fox. But it doesn't even seem to scan for NBC. I can go to and login with my credentials and watch the local station. how can I get NBC to load. I have tried reloading the source. Unchecking TV Networks via TV Everywhere and it still only comes up with ABC, CBS, and FOX. no NBC. Any help is appreciated.

TVE doesn't work with DRM channels and NBC-owned channels (bar Telemundo bizarrely) are usually DRM-ed.

The only way to get NBC is through a TV tuner card (usually HDHR) + antenna (or cablecard) OR pipe it in using HDMI/ah4c + HDMI Capture Card or CC4C)

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unfortunately my antenna cannot pick up NBC as I was hoping there was a solution through TVE. Assuming it was a TVE as I can use my credentials to watch at I saw a post about chrome capture which looked intriguing but I had not had an opportunity to try it out as my server runs on an nvidia shield.

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True, it is TVE and you can watch it at the networks live website, just like you can with PBS.
But NBC and PBS added DRM, making them incompatible with Channels DVR.

Here is a list of channels that once worked with Channels DVR, but had to be removed for various reasons, including DRM.

You can set up CC4C on a separate system and just pipe it in with custom channels with the separate system's local IP like I do. You don't need a really beefy system to do it but it helps as streaming can be resource intensive. I have an old Mac that I run CC4C in and works ok

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I just want to summarize what everyone else has said in a nice package.

For answers to NBC TVE, see this:

To get around DRM and add these stations, you can do either of these solutions:


Please be sure to use the search functionality on this board. There is a lot of great information already out there!

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I setup CC4C for the first time last night. I used a windows desktop that was not the server as my server is a dedicated 2017 shield. I had to use the direct stream as the made list didn't work. I was able to get it to work last night on a client and it looked as though I had success. This morning the client asked to login to ATT (I have DirecTV) so I went to the desktop opened up chrome and went to and I was logged into my server and it played on my desktop. But it still is asking for login on the client. Where did I go wrong and how do I fix it?

The FuboTV Project does allow you to pull in NBC stations. I also use it to bring in local FOX and the NFL channels which currently can't be obtained through TVE. As in the name of the Project, you have to have a FuboTV account to use it. But if you have 2-3 locations you are covering, you can actually have one account to cover those locations which makes it more cost effective.

That's because you gotta login to the site inside CC4C. If you fire up chrome beforehand, it won't keep the cookies for CC4C. Weird but yeah

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