TugoTV in Channels?

hi there,
Would love to see a container setup for it.
seems like a bad deal when there is no access. The service would go well with someone who has FRNDLLY tv.

@matthuisman would you be interested in making a Docker container for this if people chipped in some money up front?

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Hi there,
I know i would chip in. i've been paying monthly for the FRNDL
Y thing as a show of appreciation.
Love my Channels DVR and the lineup would enhance things to where one could get some nice tv for less.

i try make for you

Hi guys,
if there is anything we can do to help here, would love to help.
Tugotv would be great.
if you conbine this service and FRNDLY or Philo or both, you would have a truly great setup.



I won't use it but a legend for dong it! Thanks and welcome to the community!

not familiar enough with Bit Coin. Would need to at least see something and that will take time, hours and input from other to make sur eit works if it were to happen.

docker no work?

docker run -d -e 'TUGOTV_USER=[email protected]' -e 'TUGOTV_PASS=secret' -p 7777:7777 registry.gitlab.com/miibeez/vlc-bridge-tugotv


If the docker were to work, what does it expose on port 7777? looks like you were trying to use someting called vlc bridge.
did you get a free trial account?

Hi, I did a pull to see if it brings up a valid URL.
It brings up an image and it would appear there is a later version.
I don't have an account, would be good to know what is happening when you bring thing up
and how often does it refresh the token
I will grab a free account tomorrow and see what happens.


The docker works.
Working on mapping channels.
Tugo tvhas yet to be tested but looks like this guy did a great thing
combine this with Frndly docker and you have it.
I have to see which feeds it is pulling up and how often it retrieves the playlists.

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work good?

is problem i make fix

hi there,
Docker is working great. Looking to subscribe to the service.
kind of hoping some other channel users will grab the docker and give it a shot the Youtube TV price hike should be pushing people over.
I was checking cbs and noticed it was skipping a little bit but have to watch the channel more to see what is up.
The normal channels such as own and FS1 and MLB network seem to work.

@miibeez thanks for contributing to the community, but I would ask you to please 1) publish the source code for your docker containers and 2) refrain from soliciting donations on this forum

I would also advise you to look into other payment platforms like paypal or patreon, as bitcoin is awful for society and the environment.


hi there, i myself prefer Patreon. When the FRIENDLY docker was created, I signed up and I think I'm paying each month.

Hi there,
Just an update. I was playing the network streams and noticed they skip around a bit.
I am unsure if it is on my Chrome browser or if it will be the same on my stream from the docker.
The other stuff such as ESPN1 and so on seem to play nicely.
I will do some additional testing.

my sorry i remove bitcoin. not use before

i try publish source codes. some trouble use private framework

docker sandbox already network + filesystem. you use docker --cpus="0.1" --memory="25m" limit more. check dns only connect api.us.tugotv.com priv-api.us.tugotv.com


HI there,
I like what you have done so far. I notice after about an hour and a half it will start to buffer but it doesn't go away.
I've been comparing the feed to their mobile app.
The system on Tugotv shows me as a person on a mac using Chrome. I'm hoping some other users will start using and providing feedback. I need to test the network feeds. I've been seeing some skipping around but i don't think it is on your end.
I noticed i was about 40 minutes behind the World baseball classic while watching.
I checked the app so i think that is on their end.


Little review after about a week.
TugoTV is very lovely.
The service has sports and networks in the eastern time zone.
The streaming service does have the MLB Network. My Channels DVR is now set up with Philo, FRIENDLY, and the free stuff from Stirr and Pluto.
If you want access to ESPN1, ESPN2, FS!, and FS2, your immediate sports programming should be ready to view and enjoy. The monthly price is great. I've played with the mobile app, and the experience is straightforward and simple.

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