Tuner not available

Channels on my ATV4 has been starting up saying it cannot find a tuner. I have two other Apple TV’s both 4k and no issues on same network - when I put in the IP address it says no tuner found - when clearly the other two are working on that ip address. I’ve reset the box once and it work for all of about 15 min. Then after waking up - it went back to the cannot find tuner again. Any ideas or suggesstions?

Sounds like a bad network connection at that ATV. I assume it’s over wifi? You might make sure its using the 5ghz network, or look into Powerline or MOCA solutions.

wifi connection is solid - I have 1000MB plan (AT&T Fiber) - wifi speed in the room is 320 MB down.

Getting something similar. Tv isn’t on, checked recordings and nothing recording but HDHR tuner status shows all being occupied.

The tuner status page will tell you which IP addresses are streaming and what channel as well

This worked!