Turn off descriptive audio?

I'm running Channels Beta app for FireTV and the latest version of Channels server. On NBC I am getting descriptive audio and would like to turn it off. I am unsure how to do this. I've tried going to the menu in the top bar, audio and I can see the descriptive audio option but I do not know how to turn it on or off. Can someone advise? Thanks!

NBC from what source?

In the player dropdown you should see multiple audio tracks shown if they're available. Otherwise it means there's only one audio track and there's no choice to switch to non-descriptive.

Went on vacation. Sorry for not getting back sooner @tmm1

This is OTA NBC on the national broadcast programs. I see two options. First is 'English' and the second is 'Descriptive Audio' . English option is selected but still provides descriptive audio. I've switched back and forth and it seems that it does not make a difference.

I only started having this issue when I upgraded to the latest beta. I've updated again yesterday and this is still the behavior I see. I find it a bit too coincidental that this is not a bug. Please let me know how I can assist in troubleshooting but it is pretty much driving me crazy.

Thanks again for the continued support of Channels. The professional support is one of the main reasons I continue to use this product.

To rule out a player bug, have you tried the HDHR app? It is possible that the error is with the broadcast itself, and this is one way to rule that out.

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I'm not sure if it’s a channels bug or not. I have experienced the same issue on my local OTA NBC station. The descriptive audio is also broadcast thru the HDHOMERUN app and the TVE channel. My secondary antenna points to a different market and it's NBC affiliate audio is performing as expected.
I'm using a fire stick but my ATV4K mimics the behavior.

It's an issue with the broadcast tower settings. Has been happening intermittently. What is the callsign?

KADN DT2 15.2 (Lafayette,La) is the offending station for me. FWIW, I've only seen the misbroadcast occur between 8-9 pm CST and it occurs both on their OTA and TVE broadcasts.

Give the station a call and let them know

Wow! What a coincidence! That's the station I'm tuning as well. @jagrim and I must be neighbors.

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