Tv Everywhere Disappearing?

With what looks like at some point TVE going away, what do we have in store for channels DVR? I mean if we are paying for sling tv and youtube tv why aren't we able to put them here?

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Sling and YTTV still work with Channels DVR and are not disappearing. (as of this date)

The TVE standard as a whole, is still very much active and used. (as of this date)

What is happening most recently, is certain networks, are implementing DRM, or changing their streaming style in a way, that is not compatible with Channels DVR. (Most notable, is NBC networks).
There are other random channels that have come and gone over the years as well.

Issues Still common to TVE and have not changed, provider contracts to offer access to certain networks via TVE, (TVE availability with xyz Streaming Provider) fluctuate and change. They add some, they remove some.

Also, TVE feature in Channels DVR, is still labeled a BETA, and, always has been. I assume due to its every changing nature, and constant need to be tweaked/adjusted as the providers authentications/streams, etc change.

Whether or not you as a user pay for an outside streaming service, to connect to Channels, is your choice, and is optional thing, always has been. If you only have that streaming service to use in Channels, then, obviously, you would cancel it, if it no longer worked in Channels. Or, switch to using that Streaming Service and dump Channels.

I hope Channels Devs continue to support and tweak TVE feature, it IS one of the main reasons users are drawn to this software. I have not seen anything else that offer it.

But, in the event that TVE does go away, then the user is left to use their providers streaming app and Cloud DVR solution.
Maybe go back to cable and get cable cards and Prime tuner (if cable company still offers them, which, many are not now)

If it is the only option, I would be ok with having to use the Philo app to watch certain shows on the channels they offer, but, yes, it would be a much worse and frustrating option. YTTV last tired it, its app is very nice, but, they cost so much, and only seem to getting higher, same as the cable companies.

Personally though, if it that much a chore and pain to "stream" tv and shows, TVE is gone, DRM is everywhere on OTA (3.0)...screw it. I can find rips of every show i care about online via torrents. The move to lockdown, restrict, DRM, pay a fortune for, etc, things, pushes more people to piracy.


Absolutely for sure, that may be coming down the pike, TVE aggregation is the main attraction.
BUT, There are still other advantages to using Channesl:
If you have OTA and HDHR you can still have Multiscreen using the Channels m3u and TiviMate, for OTA sports!
You can use Channels to watch and record your OTA HDHR channels,
... For instance the Channels DVR much simpler and more straightforward than YTTV (IMHO).
You can use Pluto, Stirr, etc m3u's that are available for Custom Channels to watch and record some stuff,
... and any other m3u's (pirate or not) you can find for Custom Channels.

ATSC 3.0 seems to be the re-birth of Over the Air TV to include DRM or other tech that may require specialized hardware or licensed software to view. Silicon Dust, who make the HDHR, claims they will be getting DRM rights or whatever it is, so that their product will be able to View those ATSC stations. However, this does not mean that Channels DVR will still work with it.
It may end up that watching/recording DRM stations may only be possible via SD's own software and dvr software.
It is still too early to tell how things will go.

There are a few threads already on ATSC3.0. Suggest you look over them to see the current happenings and news.

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If it streams in a browser somewhere, you can now have it go to Channels:

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