TV Everywhere Experiences (Internal Beta)

One channel. That I subscribe to and watch. Nobody is here to babysit you if you don’t want to do anything for yourself, don,t complain

I just want to watch a simple baseball game, that's complaining?

Yes, you are not even trying to see if it's available You also were complaining about Discovery.

Well, clearly, no one would want to watch any of the Discovery spectrum of channels.


Didn't you say you have Spectrum so it would not cost you anything to try it out now I am starting to think you just want to be handheld. Pulling the last of my hair out.

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First you said you only signed up to watch Discovery and now you are saying you just want to watch one baseball game.

Yes, I already tried that, but can't watch the Brewers, so I signed up for PSvue, no Brewers again.

You're not the only one pulling your hair out.

Is there another service that I should purchase, Edwin?

No, I never said that.

I only signed up for this feature, and the Discovery package isn't available? You gotta be kidding me

You win. I'm out.

Are you the Milwaukee viewing area?

It's okay, I'll leave.

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I have access to Fox Sports Ohio but it’s via YouTube TV. Is that any use to you?

TCM's west feed seems to be streaming only. It isn't carried on any cable provider I know of, and there isn't even a satellite distribution feed for it listed on the sites that track such things. Probably something that will launch in the future whenever they discontinue distribution of SD feeds for their channels and require cable/satellite providers to downconvert the HD version to generate an SD feed. Without the channel officially existing as a channel, there's no guide listing available.

The Fox Sports stuff is not finished yet. I also have issues watching MLB games on my local Fox Sports station. Rest assured that the Channels developers are fully aware of the issue and are working to improve it. There is a lot that is going on behind the scenes with how the Fox Sports networks streams are operated to account for the different pro teams that have different coverage areas and blackouts, and it's orders of magnitude more complex than the other channels.

Edit: I just updated to the latest DVR version and now MLB is working for me. Great work!

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I got lucky with XFINITY have access to Sports Chicago .. Sports Washington .. Sports Boston .... Sports Bay Area ... Sports California ...Sports NorthWest and Sports Philadelphia and they all work.


Correct, guide data is not available for this channel. Apparently it's a web-only stream and none of the cable companies carry it.

This bug should be fixed in the latest build. If anyone sees it again, please let me know.

I found a workaround and these channels should be working again in the latest build!

If the game is on FS Sports Wisconsin, that's one of the channels which was added a few days ago.

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PS Vue is now working again as @tmm1 said. I went from 103 to 121 channels with my Core Package.

For @Kryptonyte - the channels you first posted about are now working. I.E. Discovery, TCL etc.


Just want to say this has come a long way since the BETA launch 3 weeks ago.

Keep up the great work :+1::+1::+1:


Anyone else having a 40-50 second delay on TVE channels? My Synology time is correct and it starts recording exactly on time, but all shows start late except for the OTA channels. I’m using DTV Now credentials for TVE.

Yep. And I don't think it matters which provider login you use as I assume they all use the same CDN for whatever channel is being viewed/recorded.

Most of my cable channels from the HDHR PRIME start up to 30 seconds late and the TVE channels start a bit later than those.
I usually add 30s - 1m end padding to recordings.

What would be interesting is if someone could play the same feeds live from cable and TVE and see how much difference there is in timing.

I assume the TVE channels are transcoded for streaming which adds a delay compared to the cable/satellite feeds. Add to that the transcoding/stat-muxing by cable/sat providers for the feeds they receive including your local OTA channels they carry.

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