TV Everywhere Experiences (Internal Beta)

Right. Thanks a lot, Edwin, you've done some interesting stuff for the SageTV community.

I made that mistake with Plex DVR. I think it's still in Beta even though they don't call it Beta.
That's why I'm now using Channels DVR.

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Have you tested remote access it works great.

I noticed Discovery issues when I had Vue through Fitzy tv. It said it needed a separate authorization and sometimes didn’t work.

Well don't complain just because you have issues with reading comprehension, the announcement is literally a pinned post.

In fairness I probably annoy @tmm1 more than anyone but I try to be reasonable with my request and help as much as possible, also have been here since the beginning and paid over $100 just for apps (before they were free and needed apps for a few accounts).

The DVR has only gotten better over time, with more clients supported and more features added. During that time the price has gone DOWN, they made apps free for DVR subscribers and gave us the option for yearly subs. TVE is a great addition, just be patient while they get it working smoothly.

Btw... are you not still in the free trial period? I assumed so but you keep talking like you've paid for something that isn't working correctly.

This is an interesting point. When I want to watch something remotely, it typically isn't old TV shows, it's something that's live, or less than a few weeks old. As I understand it, Channels DVR isn't a media server, so if I have a few terabytes of archived media, it can't handle that - and wasn't designed to. So if a user purchases access to PSVue, why would we use Channels DVR and not the PSVue app to watch remotely? I suppose we get commercial skipping (not live, but you know) ... but what else is there for a SageTV user that already has full access to their media otherwise?

Do you own any HDHomeRun tuners ? If you don't then I see why you only are interested in TVE ?

Because you posted a thread in the SageTV forum that said this:

"Channels DVR added TVEverywhere ... "

Which would give a SageTV user access to channels that are otherwise "copy-once" in Spectrum TV service area.

Why aren't you using your spectrum login then?

Because, apparently, based on prior information in this thread, Spectrum doesn't provide TVE access to the channels that I want to watch. And a user can't ignore the fact that we had that outage over the weekend where we couldn't use any of it.

Anyone else notice this or is it just me?
There is no guide mapping available for TCMP (Turner Classic Movies West)

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Spectrum has most channels, Only thing I see missing is The Tennis channel

I am on the West Coast and the TCM one has the correct listings.,, did not need TCMP.

So maybe TCMP doesn't exist?
I have TCM through Xfinity on the West coast and the Xfinity channel is the same as the TVE 6039-TCM.
Was just wondering why it was in there and no guide mapping.

Same here TCM through XFINITY I made sure TCM had the correct listings and disabled TCMP.

Are you saying that if I currently have about 300 channels available via Spectrum Cable TV, that I will only be missing the Tennis channel with this software and TVE?

You know you can add Spectrum and PSvue together. Add Spectrum and see what happens in a few days.

300 channels? Are you including music? I had most with silver, no premiums though. Why can’t you scan and find out for yourself?

I can scan for myself, but I am quite sure that I can't watch a simple Brewer baseball game, so for a sports fan, what's the point? You are the one that said you're only missing (1) channel via TVE.

Why limit us to just $250/month, Edwin? Let's add some more services and make it way more!