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Hello All-

After much research it seems that I might be able to use Channels + xTeVe + PLEX to do what I want.

I downloaded Channels to a MacStudio and added a source: TV Everywhere. Channels asked for my DirecTV login and took several minutes to scan the channels. I do not use DirecTV Stream, I have DirecTV receivers. I am located in Southern California.

I received no errors and after the scan Channels says there are 158 channels.

When I go to the top of my browser and click Live TV > Guide a lot of it looks pretty good. I scroll through the guide and check several channels and compare to what is actually playing when I watch through my receiver and what Channels says is playing in their guide is actually what is playing when I watch through my DirecTV receiver. So far so good...

The issue I am having is the local ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX stations don't appear to be showing up in the guide. At the very bottom of the guide I have:

8 - ABC Stations from all over the country but they all say, "ABC News - WHATEVER CITY"
10 - CBS Stations from all over the country and they say, all sorts of thing but they are ALL news

I show no NBC or FOX local stations. FOX News and Business and Weather show up fine but not the local FOX station.

Looking through Channels support documents on this page:

I clicked on every link in that article and entered my DirecTV login and was able to watch whatever was playing live without issue so I know my DirecTV login works and I am able to stream these local channels without issue.

So can someone please explain to me why all the ABC and CBS news stations show up from all over the country and I am able to watch them but my local stations are not showing up at all? And why the local NBC and FOX stations are not showing up at all?

I want to get this part sorted out before I go and set up xTeVe for PLEX as the first step in the process seems to make sure Channels is working properly.

Thank you so much for any and all help!

You need to enable the feature


I, too, am in this situation.

After you have added your DirecTV credentials to Channels and scanned for your authorized channels, there is an additional step. After you have scanned the channels, you need to:

  1. Ensure you are accessing your DVR server from an HTTPS address. Even if it is on the same machine and you are using the loopback interface, it needs to be a secure connection. (For example,
  2. From the main settings page of the DVR web UI, scroll down to the bottom to the Experimental section, and enable the Local Networks via TV Everywhere option. (If you are prompted to enable location access in your browser, you need to do so now. This is why the first step is necessary: most browsers disable location services over unsecured connections.)

You should now have access to ABC (KABC 7), CBS (KCBS 2), Fox (KTTV 11) and NBC (KNBC 4) (assuming you're in the LA DMA; other markets may not necessarily give you all four major networks).

Edit: If you are hell-bent on using Plex, I believe you can use Channels' ability to export its feeds and guide data directly to Plex, completely circumventing the sometimes buggy xTeVe in the process. However, my personal experience has been that while Plex is good for already downloaded/ripped/imported content, its live TV experience leaves much to be desired. I have since abandoned Plex for nearly all needs and moved completely to Channels.


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Thanks for the prompt response!

I checked the box you mentioned but I had to do it in Firefox vs Safari b/c I got an error trying to get my location in Safari even though I have location services turned on.

The local ABC, CBS and NBC stations showed up after rescanning but not the FOX (KTTV 11). Any ideas why? The ABC, CBS and NBC stations showed up right at the top after a rescan....

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Yeah, Fox often drops off. It's a "It's not you, it's them" problem. Try toggling the Local option again, and it may appear. (Again, make sure you do so from an HTTPS address.)

I often have to do this after the server updates. It's a problem with how Fox geolocates you, but it's just something you'll have to keep in the back of your mind and semi-regularly check.

A better option would be to add a physical HDHomeRun tuner with an antenna. However, there are some locations (such as where I am) that signals just cannot get to.

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I deleted the source in Channels and rescanned and KTTV showed up as well as all the other local stations. Thank you so much for your suggestions.

I really wanted to use HDHomeRun for all of this. I bought one and a couple of different antennae's to try with it and I just got garbage signals. Had to return it all.

Now the only channel I am not getting through Channels that I care about is CBS Sports Network (DirecTV 221) and any PBS stations. I can probably live with it but not sure why I can't get PBS stations.

Thanks for all of your suggestions. They were very helpful. Hopefully this thread helps another!

i.e. DRM protected

LOL. So our tax dollars support PBS and they DRM protect it so we can't watch it? Sounds like par for the course for our government - incompetent fools.

Thx for the update...

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Their web feeds are now DRM-encumbered, and are no longer available with TVE. (You can use their app with a free account/login, but not within Channels.)

No, CBSSN is not available via TVE, just CBSSHQ.

PBS attains some funding through government programs, but not all of it. It is not wholly funded by the government.

This is the same way that most medical/scientific research receives government grants and funding, yet is not wholly public-access.

If you want this to change, vote with your ballot and harass your congressional delegates.

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It is hilarious that the vast majority of tve feeds have no protection at all, and the few that do are some premium sports feed and PBS lol. Like who do they think is "stealing" pbs lol.

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Should show up as TVE channel 6196 if their website Watch CBS Sports Network Live Online - takes your DirecTV credentials (working for me with Xfinity)

CBS Sports Network works for me as TVE 6196 with my DirecTV credentials.


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