About TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere

  • Uses your cable login to create a virtual tuner in the DVR software
  • Connects to internet video streams available directly on each network’s web site

Read more about TV Everywhere in our support docs

Technical overview

  • The DVR software connects to network streams using a background (headless) Chrome browser controlled by the DVR
  • During the channel scan, the DVR will navigate the Chrome instance to each network website and enter your cable login to see if it works

Supported providers and networks

Major networks

Use the TVE Availability tool to see which networks may be available for any given provider

Local networks

Support for local networks is an experimental feature which must be enabled manually, at the bottom of the DVR web UI settings page:

Stream details

  • Websites stream audio/video using the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) format, where content is broken up into multiple files called segments
  • The DVR will convert these streams into a single mpg file in the MPEGTS format. The audio and video is not modified or compressed in any way.