TV Everywhere not working on Apple TV

Hello guys. I cannot tune any TVE channels. I updated the server to the latest version: 4/23/....., but that didn’t help. I keep getting a “no login form found” error message.

Click Help > Submit Diagnostics on the DVR web UI

Hello @tmm1. I have submitted the logs.

Strange. The verizon page is not loading correctly. Can you open chrome incognito and go to and login and watch?

Hello. No I can’t. I get a “WHOOPS!” Error message that states that the page I’m looking for has disappeared or never existed. No login page whatsoever, just basically a custom 404 page.

Not sure what's going on then. Are you using some VPN? Did you change your DNS recently? I would try rebooting the router and contact Verizon support if its still not loading.

I’m not using any VPN on the server, just dedicated VPN machines. I don’t understand or know what to inquire with Verizon about.

You said their login page is not working right? Or is not loading at all? Which page showed an error and what was the url?

The page loaded an error. I wasn’t presented with a login page at all. Just a custom 404 error page. I even tried loading it with safari on WiFi and cellular data and the page loaded just fine.

Edit: Spoke too soon. After I page refresh on Safari, I get the error message again.

Looks like NBC's server is down for the moment. This likely will apply to all NBCUniversal networks until they fix it.

Edit: Streaming for already authenticated accounts seems to work fine; so perhaps it's just a temporary outage for the auth servers.

(The same thing happen with a couple of months ago, too.)

Could be, but I’m getting this error with almost all of the channels except NickToons and one other channel. I was already authenticated. Set this all up months ago and never looked back, everything worked seamlessly. Could be server issues as you stated. We’ll see what the devs say.

Okay I see. Does work and let you login?

That page loads just fine but doesn’t provide a login option for Verizon. :thinking:

I’ve also noticed that on the last two beta releases any activity from the AppleTV does not show up on the DVR Web UI. If I stream from my iPhone, it shows on the Activity dialog box, but nothing from the Apple TV shows.

Tuner Sharing must be enabled in the app for Activity to show.

Is still broken for you?

Hello. I guess my settings are being overwritten somehow because I have always had Tuner Sharing enabled and it was off somehow. As far as the NBC thing goes, I’m still 90% down with all TVE Channels.

Works for me:

After searching for the provider I was able to login. But Nat Geo all FX, Disney Channels are still not tuning.

Edit: I’m also unable to tune any TVE Channels via 3G mobile network. Getting “Tuner not available” errors on 3G. When I inspect Little Snitch and PiHole I don’t see any DNS Queries being blocked by the Channels Server or the Apple TV.

Channels DVR runs on your Mac Mini. That's where the streaming happens. It doesn't matter if you're using a phone or TV, or if you connect via 3G because your mac is not on 3G.

My question was whether or not you are able to login and watch on or That information will help narrow down where the issue is and explain why the DVR might not be working. It sounds like is not loading, while is loading and you were able to login. Were you able to watch on that website?

If you open chrome incognito and paste the following url, what shows up? Please take a screenshot with the url bar and page contents visible.

It said please wait while we authenticate your account then I get a blank page.