TV Everywhere to M3U

Currently I use an application called TiviMate to connect to my HDHomerun Prime with a Xfinity cable card to watch channels. I mainly do this because the app allows me to stream 4 sports games on one TV similar to what you would see at a sports bar. The issue is Xfinity does not have all sports networks in HD supported through a cable card. I have been doing some reading up on TV Everywhere which seems to support the channels I am missing in HD. Now the question I have is, is it possible to export the streams from TV Everywhere into a M3U format that can be ingested by the TiviMate software I use.

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That will give you a playlist with every channel in your DVR. Just beware that these streams are subject to the web player transcoding settings. IIRC, you can append ?codec=copy to get them merely remuxed to HLS.

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Thanks for the info, is there a way to export the guide data as well?

Sample below my XFINITY


What is the code to pull just Favs channels from all sources?

All i have seen so far is ANY which is all channels, or / TVE source, which only pulls form that source.