Channels M3U Export: Documentation


Can you provide a list of parameters that are available when downloading the M3U playlist? I have read through various threads trying to document all the variables but wanted to have a complete list if possible. So far this is what I have...

M3U: Playlist can be downloaded at "/devices/ANY/channels.m3u".

Example: http://ip:8089/devices/ANY/channels.m3u?session=xxxx&bitrate=2000&filter=hd

In this example are the following parameters:

ANY: Leave as is for all sources or replace with the device or TVE name. For a single source this can be found by opening the channel lineup of that source and copying the text in parentheses...

Session: Enter the session cookie found when visiting to make the M3U work outside of your local network.

Bitrate: Define the bitrate/quality (in Kb) you want the M3U playlist to provide. To default to "remux" use codec=copy instead. If the bitrate is not set it will default to setting found in the webui. The above example would result in transcoded 2Mb streams

Filter: The M3U playlist will only include channels with a specified filter. In the example above it would be HD only

Format: Define the M3U streaming format. By default it will be HLS. Use format=ts to change to MPEG-TS.

So far this is all that I have found. It seems best to use MPEG-TS when streaming locally (LAN) whereas HLS is required along with the session cookie when streaming remotely. If there are any other variables available or if I have made any mistakes in the documentation please let me know.