TVE Favorites Don't Show up on Apple TV, Are Present Elsewhere

Title basically explains it - I selected a few TVE channels as favorites and when I sort the guide to show favorites on my iPhone or Web UI they are visible but when I do so on the Apple TV app it is only showing my OTA favorites. Any thoughts on what could be going on?

Goto the tuner settings and make sure the TVE tuner is checked. Also make sure the tuner has channels checked as favorites. When I first started my Apple TV, I had to check these settings.

The TVE tuner is checked, and I can see all of my TVE channels just fine, access them, etc if I select "All" in the guide. When looking at the TVE tuner within the Apple TV app itself it isn't showing the channels I marked as favorites elsewhere in there. Why would the favorites setting propagate from the web (where I first set the favorites) to the iPhone just fine but not to the Apple TV? Thats how it worked when I set up OTA favorites...I thought it was a shared setting. Seems like it could be a bug?

I have always had to manually check them. Even when new channels are added, I have to manually check them as favorites. Its not a big deal to me. I just manually do it and its done.

Sure, I know its not a big deal...its just odd that if I set favorites in the web they are recognized as favorites on the iPhone app but not on the Apple TV app. Hopefully a dev can comment on if this difference in behavior between applications is expected behavior or not.

The tvOS, iOS and iPadOS versions of Channels do not sync favorites. The syncing of favorites is being worked on, but presently this is a large difference between Apple and Android clients.

(The Android clients and the DVR are all kept in sync with the tuners themselves. The Apple clients only pull the favorite/disabled status upon first communication with the DVR/tuner.)

Thanks for the response. What I have found though is apparently it DOES sync between web, iPhone AND iPad (just checked there) so I guess tvOS is the odd man out? :man_shrugging:

Here's a bit more detail:

It didn’t sync with my iPad or iPhone, Had to manually check the added AMGTV network today. My Fire TV’s synced. Racameron has it right.

Everyone explained it above. I’ll add that iOS and tvOS are using the same code for all of this. They work exactly the same.

That is so odd - I can say definitively that I added favorites on via the web earlier today and afterwards I could see those same favorites on my iPhone and iPad without doing anything else on those devices besides launching the Channels application and setting the guide to view "favorites"...?

There may be a bug, or rather a "leak" in fav/hide state when it's reading in the source from the server. Obviously the TVE sources are ONLY from the server, where HDHRs are discovered on the network. When the TVE source is read in from the server, it's possible that it's preserving and using the channels' hide and fav states.

I'll try this on my own system sometime.

Work on syncing this state is very far along though. Hopefully it won't be much longer until we can get it out in beta.