TVE on ARM-based NAS

Support on the WD MyCloud Home would be amazing

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I am getting the same error message of Chrome failed to start.

I can SSH in if needed, just need to know the commands.

Hope to see wd my home duo support for tve soon

Did this help you figure out what the issue was?

Would anything like this work on a raspberry pi to get TVE DVR?

IIRC, the reason that ARM support isn't as easy as a single Chromium/Chrome binary is that many NAS devices that Channels supports use a range of ARM processors, many of which make a single Chromium binary problematic.

It had been working on my Synology NAS and now it stopped and I get this error. Please roll back whatever code change you just pushed back. please.


Apparently some channels are doing this and some are not.

I can't wait to try TVE using the Channels DVR. I've heard such great things regarding the functionaly; unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be supported yet on my QNAP ARM NAS.

I, too, was having this problem until I found... Raspberry Pi 4
I added Chromium to my ARM-based NAS and now TVE works. (the command is:
sudo apt-get install chromium)

More QNAP support please!

ARM based processors won't work with TVE

Why won't they?

The TVE implementation runs on Chrome, which isn't available for most ARM chipsets.

Can't you setup a DVR using the Nvidia Shield?

The shield and Pi use a modern 64-bit ARM processor. Older 32-bit ARM is not supported.

That's too bad. My QNAP 431+ is only 3 years old.

My Synology appears to be 64bit ARM - might that work with TVE?

Synology DS218play
(kernel: 4.4.59+)

4 cores / ARMv8 Processor rev 4 (v8l)
load averages: 0.38 0.49 0.44

We've added initial support for arm64 based NAS in the latest pre-release build of the dvr.