TVE on MyCloud EX2 Ultra

I have decided to start a new thread since my other posts are buried in one that has a lot going on. I have a MyCloud EX2 Ultra which runs on an Armada 385 which is an ARMv7 rev 1 (v7l) processor that supports NEON. I have seen where others have gotten their ARMv7 based NAS to work with TVE.

Here are the stats on my NAS.

A previous post from the TVE on on ARM-Based NAS had these instructions:

I have followed these instruction multiple times over the last week all I get is this:

I keep seeing where other people have gotten further with and actual error or had success. It seems like based on what I know is required to support TVE that it should work on this NAS. Any help I can get on this would be appreciated as I would prefer to not need to buy new hardware to make this work.

This is not supported and might be technically impossible. We tried earlier but it didn't work out.

Bummer thanks for the response.