TVE recordings stutter

I'm finding that the video stutters a bit when recording TVE shows on my Pi4. I do not recall this happening on my Synology NAS before I switched over the the Pi. The recording and playback is perfect on OTA shows so the issue seems to be isolated to just TVE. I do not have tuner sharing enabled. I am running the latest beta server version (I update once a week to the latest). The shows do not seem to stutter when watching live TVE.

I'm using this mainly through my Apple TV4K but I also have a Google Chromecast with TV dongle and the situation is the same on that unit. Stuttering TVE playback of recordings but not OTA which is perfect.

Happy to submit my logs if they would be helpful. Any troubleshooting tips you can send my way? Thanks.

What storage device are you using on the Pi that has the Channels image installed for the server?
It may be too slow to keep up.

Could be network related.
In the Channles app under settings, on your client device, run the speed test to server, and see what it reports.

Also, check to see if your Streaming Quality on the client is set to Original.

Hi, thanks for helping. I'm using a WB Black USB 3 hard drive. Streaming quality is set to original. Just to note, watching TV via OTA or TVE is flawless. Watching recorded programs from OTA is flawless. Only recordings from TVE show the stutter.

I don't see any option on the Apple TV 4K Channels app settings to run a speed test to the server. I do not think that is an issue though since almost everything else is working perfectly. All my equipment is run via ethernet, nothing is wifi.

I think there is a settings to change the video decoder to Software or some beta one...I am not sure, as I use Android tv and not Apple TV...but recall some of the chat on here.

Also, if you play back the recordings files directly (the .mpg) that have the issue on your PC, using VLC, do they have the same issue? .

Never knew about this option, pretty cool. Speeds look good, no?

Too good :grin:

I'm running the hardware decoder, I've always found that it is superior to software decoding in almost any situation. Plus, OTA recordings are far bigger files and they play just fine. Watching TVE is fine, it's just the recordings. Don't get me wrong, the stutter is super minor, doesn't stop me from watching the program, it's just noticeable and annoying. I'll need to look into watching the .mpg on another device when I get a chance.

The point is to see if they pay fine with software decode vs hardware.

But, if they have the issue when you play the files direct from your computer, then its is the recording that has the issues. Or the channel stream that was recorded.

Just tried software decoding, no difference. The 'stutter' is more akin to dropped frames I guess, not sure how else to describe it. I'll look into watching on a different device to see what it looks like there. Thanks for your help.

I have stuttering on TVE channels. I have an appletv4k and my channels dvr server is a quad core server with ssds so its not an bottleneck issue.
A good test is to tune to a news channel with a ticker like cnbc or something. Sometimes it will be Ok but after I watch a program or two and then tune to a news ticker station, it will stutter.

At least on the Apple TV you can enable “show stats” while viewing the recording and get lots of detailed info like buffer length (and transfer speed), as well as frame drops. Might help you narrow it down.

Really? Really wish that could be a thing on Channels Android TV users. I asked about that ages ago in feature request. (Emby has that feature since forever on all platforms)

Which Audio & Video Drivers are you using on the ATV4K? I get stuttering video like you describe (also without any audio) when I use either of the Experimental A/V drivers and switch to a new channel via the Quick Guide. [edit: The stuttering I see with Experimental Drivers is when viewing live TVE channels: I have not tried with recordings, so it may not be what is happening in your case].

But when I use the Default A/V drivers, I do not get any stuttering after switching channels via the Quick Guide. (I am also using a RPi 4 USB BOOT Channels DVR, updated to the latest Beta.)

I'm using the default A/V drivers, have never tried the experimental, perhaps I should? Again, my only stuttering issue is when watching TVE recordings, nowhere else.

I am seeing the exact same stuttering on my TVE recordings. I am using Android and my server is a M1 Apple Mac Mini. I tried updating the software to 2021.02.27.2215 and that did not help.

I’m not using a Raspberry Pi, but am having the same stutter issue with TVE recordings.

I'm really hoping this is on the Devs 'bug' plate as it's really annoying. The recordings play perfectly over VLC but stutter when played on Channels. I thought it was just a Pi issue but it appears to be more widestpread.

As I understand it, this issue varies depending upon your client hardware device. Better devices (Apple TV, Nvidia Shield) don't have this problem, because their hardware video decoders are better than poorly maintained/implemented hardware decoders found in many Android-based devices.

In other words:

  1. Streaming providers (especially various TV networks) are not very good at ensuring their streams are normalized and consistent
  2. You get what you pay for

My current setup is Pi4 with WD USB3 hard drive feeding hardwire over network to Apple TV4K. I previously used my Synology 218+ NAS to my ATV4K. I tested going back to that to rule out/in the Pi4 at the culprit, no difference. Hardware is not my problem.

OTA recordings playback perfectly
TVE recordings playback with stutter
TVE live streams play perfectly

The issue is with how the TVE recordings are either recorded or played back via Channels.