TVision by T-Mobile

TVision launches on Nov 1. From reading their site it does NOT look like TVE is supported. I couldn't fine any reference to TVE. Bummer.

I think only time will tell. No reference doesn't mean it won't be supported. Looks like a decent priced option, here's hoping TVE is eventually supported (even if it isn't from the start)..

It will be supported. See below.


Awesome. I read and searched but didn't find that link. Thanks!

Might be a decent rival to Philo perhaps.
I get a crap ton of TVE channels via Philo.
I am on TM Prepaid though, so it will be some time before i can get this service, and I am sure the offerings and price will defer between Pre-paid and post paid TM accounts.

Looks similar to Vidgo, swapping [email protected] Discovey Halmark and Viacom for NBC universal and warner. What I like about T mobile is you have to option to add Discovery Viacom and Halmark

I'm not sure that info you linked is valid for the new Tvision service. Seems like that is specifically for "Tvision Home" which is a set-top-box service, I believe.

I guess we will find out next week. I suspect that the support will be the same. I think all they have done is create apps for a bunch of platforms to sell the same service that they are already have been selling with TVision Home. It's just a BYOD setup instead of proprietary hardware.

I can't find much more about it online anywhere.

This is now live, including an Apple TV app. Will TVision TVE make the Channels enhancement list?

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Does it work at the Individual channel level. I see T mobile on National Geographic , don’t know it that includes vision

There are 4 packages to choose from. Appears all but the $10 Vibe package have National Geographic. Here is the channel listing:

Not what I’m asking. The sign in is for the T mobile cable service. Did you test to see if it works for the new streaming service?

I have tried directly with the website for Food Channel to test and it does not authorize. I have also tried on Channels and does not authorize. I have TVision Live + Vibe subscription as of yesterday.

According to their website, should be available by selecting T-Mobile.

Watch a TV Everywhere website

  1. Go to the entertainment network's website or mobile app.
  2. Choose T-Mobile from the list of TV providers.
  3. Enter your Customer Portal username and password.

The page you're linking is for "TVision Home", which is a different older product with an STB:

The new TVision Live offering does not include TVE.

Like @srrudin said, you can try it yourself and it doesn't work. Go to and select T-Mobile. The login is not accepted for TVE.

That page does not do anything for me. i put in my zip code and click see channels, nothing happens.

I had the same problem. I had to disable my browser ad-blocker and disable pi hole in order to get it to work.

Thanks, I likely got to that page in error. A little confusing when the products are so closely named. Unfortunate if they do not include TVE with their new service.

I heard they are bringing back TVE for TVision very soon. It is no longer in the dropdown hopefully it will be available for Channels when they launch TVE