UI Color Choices

Come on it cannot be so hard to allow some customization or at least alternative choices for colors. I like purple but the lack of contrast makes text quite difficult to read.


This topic has been endlessly debated and mentioned. The devs are aware of many peoples distate for purple. Purple isnt my favorite color but it works. There is the Dark theme for android maintained by @AtoZ0to9

The devs have shown no indication of offering color choices or themes. Sorry.

One thing I've noticed for a couple of years now is the purple looks horribly awful on several of my devices, and on others it seems much better. It's simply one of those colors that varies a great deal depending on your screen.

That alone seems like a pretty good reason to give us something similar to @AtoZ0to9's version.

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Agree. I use the carbon theme on the 65" in the living room, but purple on the 50" in the bedroom looks better.

I've wondered if a color inversion toggle can be added in, but idk what results it would produce.

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Totally agree! I also get SO MAD when I walk in to Best Buy and everything is blue. Why don't they customize that the way I want it??? And don't even get me started on everything being red at Target!


Haha, sarcasm detected. But comparing "consistent corporate branding" to "software for personalized TV enjoyment, that is otherwise very customizable" seems like a stretch.


Fair enough. But I’m pretty sure you also cannot customize Disney+, Netflix, or Plex. Would it be cool if you could personalize Channels? Sure. Is it a big deal in the grand scheme of things while they are working hard to add real functionality? In my opinion, no.


Comparing Disney +, Netflix etc. with this App is apples and Oranges - and yes it should be customizable. Adding this functionality should not be a big deal, or very difficult.


I work for a software company. My customers will ask for seemingly simple features. I then try and make my case to development saying "this should be really easy, please do it immediately". Most of the time they will tell me that it may seem easy but I don't have a clue what I am talking about. They will usually tell me it takes much more time and resources than my ignorant wisdom has alloted for. They will say, "OK, which 2 of our roadmap features will you go to the CEO and make the case for scrapping to make this happen?".

Or, like in this case, they will tell me: "No, this is not the direction we want to go".

You could always try yellow and black :grin:


Spoken like a developer... NOT! :laughing:

As others have mentioned, what may seem easy to you, the end user, is not as easy as you think in software. Especially when you have to support different platforms and make sure that everything works the same way everywhere.
I know this first hand because I am a professional developer with focus on testing. Sometimes, even what appears to be a very small change in software ends up breaking something else.

Also keep in mind that this is a 3-person team. You must have seen around the forums issues being reported on a daily basis.
I'm sure the team would rather focus on fixing core features first. That already takes a lot of their time.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm very grateful that these developers have allowed me to use the product that they created in exchange for a tiny amount of my money.
I'm paying for a product that enables me to "Watch and record your favorite programs from every TV and device" (quoted from their home page) and it does it pretty well. They deliver what I pay for and that's why I'm very happy paying for it.
All additional features that they add are nice bonuses.

When I signed up with Channels DVR, nowhere did it say that it would be customizable at will in order to please every single one of its customers.

Would it be nice if the UI was customizable? For sure.
Do the developers have an obligation to do it? Not at all.

Now, if they ever mention in their product description that you can customize it in any way you want, then you have a legitimate right to bitch about it.

Just saying. :grin:


Yea. I too am not a fan of their choice in color theme.
And really miss the transparent seek bar thing from the Carbon theme.
A nice dark theme Ui is my taste.
But, not possible to side load apps onto an Apple TV, even if there was a way to "mod" Apple TV apps.
I can't go back to Google TV based devices...I can not stand their OS since it is a spamm fest of ads and aggregate content.
Though, Apple is not without its sins. And the latest TVos 16 has some annoying bugs....

This may be of some interest to you then. It's relatively easy to get Lineage going on the cheap Onn streaming box from Walmart, among other cheap boxes with the same chipset.

Thread '[OFFICIAL/UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 19.1 for Amlogic G12*/SM1 Family Devices' [OFFICIAL/UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 19.1 for Amlogic G12*/SM1 Family Devices | XDA Forums


Many of us are not developers but even we were able to recomplie the apk and modify the color settings. Myself and @AtoZ0to9 posted them for the community to use.

I have even personally provided the necessary config files to the developers for the color changes where all they would need to do is merge in the code.

There is of course more to it but the fact that us non-developers were able to accomplish it easly, I think channels could as well... they just don't want to.


Indeed. They stated clearly to me, that that is their brand look and have no intention of changing it, ever.

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Yep, think that's a fair and likely accurate answer, and majority rules anyway on endless choice option debates, otherwise all the devs would get done is moderate popularity contests. Honestly I've felt they have nailed it more than about any other app in terms of colors that work for readability and being easy on the eye -- purple is dark enough to be dark theme-ish to not blind you either. I've never seen a screen that makes it harsh, tho I'm sure some do that aren't set correctly or perhaps something wrong with them. Paid apps mean support expected - and folks who want to go off script and use hacks often still come back wanting help when said hack is making their system flaky. Slippery slope. If I was them I'd build a big red button you have to click on every time you fire up a modded or hacked installation that says "you're on your own" and then perhaps let people mod away...

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Wait. But we still need to best the dead horse.

How dare the Devs NOT implement UI customization. I pay $8 a month. I am ENTITLED to having my demands meet. This is outrageous. LOL.

This thread reminds me of the clock feature request. The topic keeps coming back in new post. Over and over.

I do agree that purple isnt ideal. Blue would be better. That being said I would rather they focus their energy on useful features.

Feature request: Stop being Nazi's and give me UI customization. NOW!

Godwin's law, also known as Godwin's rule of Hitler analogies, is ** statement maintaining that if any online discussion continues long enough, someone will almost certainly compare someone else to Hitler** .

Soneone should lock this thread. Fear not, someone will bring this issue up in a month on another thread


Cool. The audacity of hope certainly paid off, at least in that case.


Isn't Channels used for a few seconds to find something to watch and then we click and go?
So many people feel entitled these days, QUIT focusing on the color of this app and use what has been developed into a great system for watching and recording TV.