Unable to connect to DVR?

New to Channels DVR. I followed the instructions to install the DVR on a Windows PC. As far as I can tell the Channels DVR Server is fully configured and operation on the PC.
Downloaded the Channels DVR app on a Fire TV. The app opens and keeps displaying the message "Unable to connect to DVR". Also, when it is trying to connect to the DVR it displays a message "Your VR is not quite set up yet." The IP address it is trying to connect to is at port 8089.
Any suggests on how to fix the iss with the app on the Fire TV connecting to the DVR server on the PC?

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tried re-installing the app on the Fire TV. Now there is a message "Preparing TV" that has been displayed for over 10 minute.

On a web browser on your windows machine go to
And finish setting up the dvr

You can also use if that is the ip address of the dvr machine

You most likely need to setup a storage location or add guide data and then the app will work.

Must be something missing in the New Onboarding Process for New Installs.

Have you tried checking Troubleshooting in your Channels DVR Server web admin?

Support > Troubleshooting

thanks for the suggestions. I have already tried everything that have been suggested without any success. The setup has been 100% complete. Went through the troubleshooting in the support section. The DVR server on the PC is setup to use the IP Address of The IP address of the Fire TV is They are both connected to the same WiFi network.

Can you reach your Channels DVR Server web admin from another computer?

This all sounds like firewall stuff.

thanks for the quick response. I figured out the issue. The Windows PC was configured for a public network which means it was not discoverable on the network. Another great Windows feature that is not intuitive. Changed the option to private to make the PC discoverable on the network. That fixed the issue. Thanks again for the advice.

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