Universal remotes & numpads

I know that by using a wireless keyboard, inputting numbers will switch to those channel numbers. Of course I'd rather have a more traditional remote to do such a thing.

So, does anyone know if this function is supported by any universal remotes? If so, which ones?

The app supports colour buttons (haven't verified myself) but I don't know if it can do anything more than that.

Thanks in advance.

If you’re using your TVs remote along with hdmi cec, there’s a chance the num keys are passed through to your streaming box.

CEC is different for each tv though.

I don't use it with my Apple TV with an HDMI CEC TV unfortunately. Is this confirmation then that the numpad definitely won't work with any kind of IR universal remote?

You can use a Bluetooth remote, or a BT/IR remote like the Sofabaton U1.

Universal IR remotes can't map num buttons to Apple TV. Apple TV only supports a limited amount of buttons, those that are on the remote that it comes with.

My Sony TV’s CEC works with the numpad of my Harmony 650 universal IR remote, and AppleTV.

The Samsung TV in my living room however does not. One alternate idea that worked for me, with my Harmony Companion remote in that room, was assigning those number keys to my top 10 favorite channels. So instead of remembering my 10 favorite channel number assignments and having to type them in manually to jump across channels, I use the 0-9 buttons as sort of a “speed dial” instead.

All of this really depends on how well your TV model supports CEC, if at all.

Of course traditional channel surfing works too.


Yes good tip @Fofer, I've assigned most used channels like that, worked out much easier to do and works well for the family.

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All things considered, we find it easier to remember and jump to favorite channels via this “speed dial” style than manually typing 3-5 digits for each one. I’m glad to hear that others feel the same and appreciate this idea.

Oh and for those who have more than 10 favorites, at least with this Harmony Companion remote, the buttons can be programmed for two actions/channels each, via “short press” and “long press,” for a total of 20 favorites.