Update on Fire Stick 4K hardware decoder/de-interlacer


Do you have an update on the status of the well-known problem with the Fire Stick 4K's hardware decoder/deinterlacer? Just wondering when (if ever) it will be safe to switch the Channels App back over to hardware decoding (then again, the software decoder seems to be doing so well, switching back to the hardware decoder probably won't gain me anything).


According to Amazon they will be releasing a firmware update at the end of Q2


Over the last 2 days 2 of 3 of my 4k stick have received a update to version NS6260/1840. Waiting on 3rd 4k stick to update.


The update doesn't appear to have fixed the hardware decoding issue.



From what I understand the issue is in the decoder chipset and the chipet vendor is testing a fix in their QA cycle. Once they release it at the end of Q2, Amazon will include it in a new FireOS release.


I am on with switching across from Roku’s to Amazon Fire Sticks around my home as we speak. The latest non 4k stick is working really well with no issues, I know from reading through this topic that the 4K does suffer issues until the fix is released in a few months by Amazon.

Only 1 of my TV’s is actually 4k so this is the only TV where I am wanting to purchase a 4K stick over a standard stick, is there a way around the issue at the moment? I have seen previous comments about hardware vs software but the only option I can see is interlacing on or off is this what is meant by software vs hardware?

Basically what I am getting to is that I want to get a 4k stick and is there a way of getting Channels to function as well as it does on the non 4k version until the update is released by Amazon or am I best avoiding the 4K until the fix is released?



The hardware/software option appears in the app on the 4K stick. I recommend it over any of the other firetv hardware for USA broadcasts. In the UK the software workaround is still buggy and you're better off waiting for the fix from Amazon which is supposed to come in the next couple months


I have a 4K Fire Stick and a non-4K Fire Stick. They both work equally well running the Channels DVR app.