Update recommendations for Android TV boxes

We're not an Apple TV family. I mostly have Rokus. When looking for front end boxes for actual TVs, I'm looking at the Android TV models. Unfortunately the page https://getchannels.com/docs/getting-started/quick-start-guide/device-support/ is super vague about Android TV models. I realize that its a moving target, but having something other than the Shield listed would be a good start. Suggest adding a bullet list of models like:
Nvidia Shield
Nvidia Shield Pro
TiVo Stream 4K (not the older TiVo Stream)
Xiaomi Mi Box S

I have six of them and with the button mapper options its the perfect solution. My 83 year old mother in law can use it without any issues so that has to say something about it :slight_smile:

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And Firestick 4K works well and is very simple. Yes lots of ads on the home screen, but easy to use.

To run the server or be a client?

I would only run the server on a Shield Pro or similar devices with as much power as you can get, but for a client, any Android tv device will be sufficient.

I used launch on boot to bypass the Firestick garbage. Jesus, I hate a firestick. Underpowered, filled with bloat, and you have to take it apart to root it. Amazon is becoming like Apple. Stay away from them.

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I don't understand your question. Channels I believe works with any Android box and they are largely the same from the Channels perspective. I have Sony TVs with built in Android and a Tivo 4K Stream and works on both of them. I prefer Apple TV. I also have 4 Rokus but they are in a box in the closet because I got tired of the reboots and slowness. If you want the fastest Android TV, go for the Shield. The new Google one is supposed to be really good too, and has a nice remote.

Just to clarify, I have tried to install the DVR Server on Androidx86, the device MUST be running Android TV. The client however, will run on regular Android.

Since he mentioned Rokus, I assumed he was talking about the client vs. the server. I think the client will run on any Android TV device fine.

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The new Chromecast with Google TV is indeed nice. I've replaced 2 TS4Ks with them. While the home screen has become similar to Amazon's, it doesn't feel as bloated and ad-ridden. The remote is ... weird. I've replaced the remotes with Sofabatons, which work great (and allow for direct access into Channels.)

With the TS4K we had some horrible issues with their crappy hardware decoder (that TiVo keeps breaking/incompletely fixing). TVE streams regularly flicker, enough to the point that some programs become unwatchable. Also, TiVo is slow to release security updates. But the remote is great ... (I wonder if I could pull the remote specific APKs from the TS4K to get full functionality out of them and use those remotes with the CCGTV ...)

The only caveats:

  1. Windowed mode (PiP) is not present in the system, although the settings are their for it.
  2. No additional USB port. If you want to increase the storage (to give Channels more than a 30 minute live buffer), you need not only the flash drive, but a USB-C hub with power delivery (PD) passthrough, as well as a PD power adapter (which ups the investment by $30-50).

Shield remote is lacking, due to only having so many buttons, a button mapper is 100% needed to have easy control over PIP, last channel, pg up, pg down, and I still haven't been able to implement a channel up / down without breaking a previously remapped setup.

I’d be interested to see if you can get the ts4 remote working with google tv.

The Tivo Stream totally sucks when using a 4K TV as it does not switch to SDR. I sent mine back to Amazon.

I’m doing it as we speak and don’t know what sucks???

It thinks everything is Dolby Vison or HDR10. TV colors are washed out.

I’m using HDR and don’t know what the problem is?

What are you seeing?

Purple looks blueish ... Colors are not sharp.

Tivo Stream 4K SDR Issue - How Big a Deal? : Tivo (reddit.com)

I’m not seeing that.., maybe TV specific?

Any content I can test with? Perhaps the same movie your seeing it in?

It is all TV.

Apple TV with HDR

Tivo with HDR

Apple TV without HDR

Lon has an honest review here ... also mentions the SDR problem and framerate problems ...

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