Upgrade the DVR server gracefully

The DVR server should be upgradable without affecting any recording or viewing sessions.

It does upgrade gracefully when it is not busy in any way. You just have to tell it if you want to upgrade ...

I issue this command every 4 hours on a schedule.. .... Then it updates when not in use.

curl -XPUT http://mediapc:8089/updater/check/prerelease

The update process will not restart the server while a recording is in process.

Your constant postings and lack of reading to forums for already answered questions you pose mark you as a troll. I would love for you to prove me wrong, but your posts both here and at the SD forums have solidified this view. Can you prove me wrong?

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@racameron Replying to posts is not mandatory, why do you feel compelled to do so?

More details here:

GEEZ it already does gracefully you really need to pay attention.


Obviously you need your hand held ... this is the last time I respond to any of your posts.

Much appreciated. Be passive aggressive elsewhere.

Hi, to try and be helpful, here is a similar post that I had made a while back:

Looking at the responses to my post, one has to wonder if the real forum trolls checks the mirror once in a while.

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Channels DVR will download the upgrades but the the Server will not restart if it is Busy Recording ... Comskip ... Viewing Downloading guide

Helpful. Thank you.

Unknown unknowns :wink:

We heard you the first time.

The amount of time and effort required to implement this is not worth the benefits. Our definition of graceful is to wait until the DVR is not busy, which is suitable in our eyes for a personal-use at-home piece of software.