Upnext Driving me to drink

Why does UPNEXT keep rolling off the show that I am currently watching ? I have to dig around to find the Show that I partially watched.... It should remain the first one on the list.

I partially watched Agents of Shield ,,, now it is the 8th one on UPNEXT. It Should be first.

The order is set by what you watched most recently. If it’s 8th in the list that means you’ve watched 7 different shows since the last time you watched that one.

In addition to recently watched programs being added to the front of the Up Next list, newly recorded programs have no unwatched episode also get added to the front of the list.

Not True that was the only one I have watched since it recorded. I meant 12th on the list not 8. if you look closely you will see the green Progress bar in the Shield Icon ... Makes no sense the way it presents it to the user.

Like racameron said new recordings also appear at the front. Perhaps it would make sense to prioritize partially watched shows ahead of new recordings that haven’t been started yet.

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