User Editing of Metadata For Local Content

This request seems a little different from the matching topics. It's mentioned as in the plans in this thread. I'm finding more and more things that don't match Gracenote (or that Gracenote doesn't even have, mostly kid shows, and mostly with seasons/episode order if they do) but match wikipedia/thetvdb/etc. I don't mind doing all the metadata work myself, but right now it's just a garbled file name in the app.

(One Example - Gracenote says Craig of the Creek's new episode is Season 3, episode 37. But all other sources including Cartoon Network who makes the show says it's Season 4, episode 1).

I voted.
Currently the only way I can do it using Channels DVR is to create the metadata myself in a manual recording. Usually make a 5 second recording, then replace that recorded file with the real one that I've already removed ads from and then refresh metadata to display the correct video/audio and duration info. I use the correct SeriesID, but don't include the ProgramID in the manual recording. Too much work for a series with many episodes.

See Beta: Metadata Editing

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