Using multiple tuners on one TV

I'm trying out Channels DVR using HD Homerun (quad tuner) and Raspberry Pi 4 as a replacement for a FireTV Recast (over FireTV 4k sticks). One of the things I liked about Recast is that if I changed channels and there was another tuner available, it would keep the OTA programs live in each tuner. At times I've had 3 or 4 running on 1 TV and I could switch between them. By having them open on a separate tuner, I'm able to rewind a bit on each after switching away, then back.

On Channels DVR, it appears that it always uses the same tuner when switching channels, so there is no way to rewind after switching away.

So, is there any way with Channels on HD Homerun to allow me to switch back and forth between live channels on separate tuners, keeping the OTA program live on each so I can rewind each as desired when switching between them?

Tablo could do the same thing, because they have exclusive access to the tuners. The only way I know to do something similar with Channels DVR is to record the current channel before you switch to another channel. You will need to start watching the recordings instead of live., you can't switch back and forth as easily and you need to trash the recordings later, but it can be helpful.

I thought of the recording option as well, but too much of a hassle and delay switching between recordings. I've been trying Tablo as well -- while I agree it's great they can do the channel switching like that, the part I really don't like on theirs is that there is no video preview during FF-RW except for "thumbnails" created on recordings after the recording has ended, so hard to tell where you are at if trying to pass through commercials or just finding a particular segment. Channels' approach of showing video through the FF-RW is so much better. (Not to mention that Tablo no longer offers commercial skip like the Channels recordings have.)

Guess I might just have to keep recast for live broadcasts and use Channels just as DVR for now. (The old Recast is really starting to have recording issues.)