USTVNOW addition to TV Everywhere?

Any plans on adding USTVNOW to the TV Everywhere options?


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Do they have TVE support?

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No TVE support and I think Richard just answered my question.

Wow I was just going to ask about this service being added! :smile:

They don't have TVE, but do have live streams that can be tapped into. Can this be made to work, similar to Locast maybe?

For example, their 5 free (with authorization/subscription) live channels on USTVNow are located at:

@eric or @tmm1, any chance of this being a possibility?

USTVNow is meant for military personnel who live outside the USA. We don't have plans to add support for any more services at this time.


Streamlink project support ustvnow

Hi guys,
probably wouldn't be a good idea to improperly use the resource. I think it would be good to eventually add support for localbtv the correct way.
The option to log in with email and password and pull in what is allowed.
if at some point they gain access to local networks, Channels iwll be a huge benefit.
Channels are already a huge benefit. ustv now is very nice.

make it docker

Millie / vlc-bridge-ustvnow · GitLab

Make the dockerfile public otherwise it's malware looking for a victim.


I will spin up this docker.
i do have a request it would be great
any way to get Philo on vlc-bridge
They do have an activation page
Will test this.

sorry slow make git

Dockerfile · main · Millie / vlc-bridge-ustvnow · GitLab

@miibeez Appears to be an issue in vlc-bridge as watch function returns python error