PBS Feeds

streams are in Channels, but are still DRM and will not record. So view only.

Doesn't USA already work fine with Channels? It is on my setup.

Yours won’t work for long.


I am recording one of my PBS stations right at this moment and it is able to be played in Channels.

Not sure how the USTVNOW service looks but they have NBC.

There's a docker for it now, for eligible subscribers at least

I know this much,
If I were traveling outside the US, the use of ustvnow would be fine.
I think writing a vlc-bridge would be easiest with vidgo and Sling due to the fact that Stremium somehow did it.
I checked with one of their providers to see if they were affiliated and they aren't.
They have the services but Channels DVR has good development.
Sticking with Channels due to good user experience and unlike Stremium we have an IOS app.

Mine working now, from AppleTV, had tried a test from the Server interface and only got Audio with no video, really strange, but anyway agree, recording did work for me. Thanks


What option is that?

That option from 2021 is no longer available. Do this instead:

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Thanks so much, that did the trick! :grinning:

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vlc no work drm

Thank you

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A little follow-up from another thread:

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Nonetheless, this seems to be a clever solution packaged (compartmentaized) in an externally developed container for those who can choose to make use of it. A template would be a great help.

I hope this idea continues to grow as a potential solution to sunsetting TVE resources.

Is there a way using the milbeez solution to have the channel numbers be the actual OTA numbers, instead of starting at 9000?

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Specify start channel number

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You can specify it with the channel-number tag in your m3u. Here's mine with the Baton Rouge station as an example.

#EXTINF:-1,channel-id="WLPBDT" channel-number="27" tvc-guide-stationid="24958" tvg-logo="https://image.pbs.org/stations/wlpb-color-single-brand-logo-YwxZbmQ.png" group-title="Local",WLPBDT

Also, turns out you can manually specify your station too. Due to my IP address being in another state it was using the wrong station.

How do I get the id numbers for the station and the logo?