Very slow fast forward or jump on recordings

I am using a Fire TV (basic model) with channelsdvr and when I click on fast forward to jump, it takes about 15 secs before restarting playing the stream.
ChannelsDVR server is installed on another pc in Lan and recordings are saved on Synology.

Is this normal?

No, it is not normal. My 30 second skip (jump) is almost instant. I did have one issue with it, but it was only for a day.

What do your stats look like if you check the speed from the client to the channels DVR server (under settings > support)?

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If you are using WiFi, I would suggest trying a USB Wired connection. I had that same issue on a 4K Max on WiFi. I have not changed anything to my WiFi, but who knows what outside interferences could be affecting it now. Wired very fast FF/RW.

Yes, very likely to be a network issue. That’s #1 suspect.