Video is lagging on playback from antenna recorded channels

Video studdering during playback on channels recorded over antenna. I watched in real-time just fine, and if I play the file directly on my computer, it’s fine. Recordings from Philo on TV Everywhere play back fine, so that tells me it’s not an issue with my computer streaming the data ???

Is the app on your Apple TV set to Home Streaming Quality: Original

It was, so I lowered it to 4mb, and it’s still doing it. I rebooted computer, and uninstalled and reinstalled the channels DVR app on AppleTV. It’s always been on Original, for 3 months now. So not sure why the issue all of a sudden. Also, it’s only shows recorded via antenna.

Please leave the setting on Original.

After noticing the stuttering issue, goto the bottom of the Settings tab and click Submit Diagnostics > Video Player

I've seen it too on mine. I have changed my DVR from my NAS to my Shield and it still happens. It's intermittent, fixes itself or starts happening when skipping commercials or skipping back. It's odd for sure.

Please update to the latest DVR pre-release by pressing and holding on the Check for Updates button. Once a new recording from OTA has happened please follow the instruction from here:

It will show if there were any recording issues.

Just an FYI in case you weren't aware.

When you play Live OTA TV on your ATV Channels app it's getting it directly from your HDHomeRun tuner, bypassing the Channels DVR Server, unless you have tuner sharing enabled on the ATV Channels app.

When you play a recording to your ATV Channels app it comes from your Channels DVR Server.

OTA broadcasts are higher bitrates than TVE streams, so OTA higher bitrate vs TVE.

You could try enabling tuner sharing on your ATV Channels app and see if the issue happens while watching Live OTA TV.

With tuner sharing on which goes thru your DVR is smooth also.

I just experienced it. I sent a log after letting it play that way for 10+ minutes. I FF thru commercials and now it's smooth again.

It's not the recording that's bad.... It's seems to be a timing/buffer issue maybe.

I happy to see that others are seeing it too finally.

Can you paste the [SNR] logs from a recording you made on v2020.03.09.1921 that exhibits the issue?

I know the feeling.

Although I have a couple iOS devices with the Channels app, I only use the web browser as a client.

When watching Live or Recordings lateley in the web browser, I pause for 10+ seconds before I start playing it, otherwise stuttering/buffering issues and this is on wired Gbit network through a switch.

Not sure how the other clients iOS, aTV, etc. work. If they direct play the transport stream or the CDVR remuxes/transcodes/etc.

Since I archive some recordings, I will edit out adverts before saving them, so I know my recordings from my HDHR Prime are good with no glitches in them.

That's recording was just a test after I moved my DVR service from my NAS to my Shield and wanted to test watching something while recording two shows. I didn't actually watch it so I can't comment on it. Like I said though, it's inconsistent. It can studder with any motion or not any anytime. It's not a signal loss or multipath signal issue.

Okay. When you have a recording in the future that displays this behavior, please submit Diagnostic Logs and provide the SNR log message from that recording.

Sure I can do that but again it's not that. I can have the studdering happen for the 10+ min segment then skip back and rewatch it smooth a silk. :man_shrugging:t2:

Curious. The show is done recording now, and now it plays back fine. Could it have something to do with it having trouble streaming while the show is still being recorded to my server? Like the file is still being created so it’s having trouble streaming back what it has created so far??

2020/03/09 14:00:30.259113 [SNR] Statistics for "TV/Chicago P.D/Chicago P.D. S03E08 2015-11-11 Forget My Name 2020-03-09-1259.mpg": ss=100% snq=78%,73%-81% seq=100% bps=13756377,5960352-17294496 pps=1306,566-1638

It was in my trash so i pulled it and checked it. I can caue it on demend buy just doing some Skip For/Rew on cue.

This just may be a guess but it appears to only happen with content that is filmed in 24fps.... Like Primetime shows, it is where I see it.

Could you upload this video to and email the link to [email protected]?

Nope...2.5GB limit. I'm going to share it directly from my Server for you. Otherwise it will take me over an hour to upload it.

Did you download the file ok?