Video Playback failed on Fire Stick Gen 2


I'm getting Video Playback failed usually after about 20-30 min of watching recorded off the air programming. Is there any log on the client that can be looked at. It is on a wireless connection, but it ac (5ghz) and speed test usually around 50megabits with 5ms latency.

It impacting the wife, so need I say more :slight_smile: I have restarted the app and the fire stick still happens.

Any help would be appreciated. .


Well, since it’s recorded, you can check the DVR logs from the webpage.

You can also submit the logs on the device when it happens and then post that you did so they can review.


There nothing in the logs on the server about the client failing, It happened again and I submitted a report from the client. However in order to reach that menu I had to exit the client, and launch again. Hopefully there something useful.


Is it happening on all recordings or only some? Certain channels more than others?


On multiple recordings recorded from the same channel. Or it doesn't like Chicago :slight_smile:


The last time it happened, the app on the fire stick wouldn't leave the video player. Press the home button and when it launch again, it asked for the ip address to the channels dvr. When entered, it wouldn't connected. Rebooted fire stick and it asked for the ip address again, but it would connect.


From the logs it's looking like there's some sort of connectivity issue between the stick and the dvr. It works for a while then all of a sudden it stops being able to receive data and then gets stuck in a weird state.

I'm fixing the issue where it gets stuck, but I'm not sure what's causing it to get in that state in the first place.

Is your dvr machine setup with a static dhcp lease? Is it hard wired?


Glad it was in the logs I uploaded.

The dvr is a FreeNAS (11.2U3) Jail with a static dhcp lease. It is hard wired.


I just started to see the Playback Failed and the Triangular Symbol. Running the server on a Mac Mini 2018 3.6Mhz processor. No Commercial detection. Playback Failed occurred at 1:00 PM just after one projgram finished recording. The server log does not show anything. I submitted diagnostics from the Amazon Fire TV box . This has happened several times this morning. Exiting the Channels app on the Fire TV and restarting it after a few minutes resolved the problem.


The issue is still happening. I do have to report I have another fire stick using ethernet that does not have the same issue. Just on wireless. I uploaded another diag report.