Video stutter


Watching Wales vs England rugby on BBC One HD. Lots of video stutter on Firestick 4K using software decoder and wired ethernet. No stutter on any other channels I can see both h264 or mpeg2. No stutter on my ATV4K attached to the same TV and switch. Submitted diagnostics.


The stick isn't fast enough to software decode 1080i, so you have to use hardware. Hopefully Amazon releases a fix for the hardware decoder soon so it doesn't crash/freeze.


Well that’s a shame. I thought the 4K stick had a decent cpu? I’ve not had any crashes from any other video app which I assume use hardware decoding so what is it about Channels that triggers a decoder crash?


If I set Home Quality to 1080 8 Mbit rather than original - enforcing reencoding with the DVR - then the hardware decoder works without crashing and playback is smooth.