VideoReDo going out of business?

stinks. its a great piece of software.

For those wondering VideoReDo may or may not survive, it's out of my hands, but for right now I need a job.

Wow. That sucks. I use videoredo almost daily. It has been my favorite piece of software.

I tried to go to the website itself and it's not even coming up for me. That may be unrelated but it's weird.

Noticed that when I started up VideoRedo today, it was unable to connect as it was checking for updates. Now I know why. Kind of a bummer, I use the product every day.

I also use the product every day.
Hope he finds employment (there are two Dan's there)

Bummer! His website is not coming up for me either.

Edit: If you're going to develop software and charge people for it then please release the source code before you flip your users the bird and skip town.


I think that error is fixed.

I know there are two Dan's at DRD Systems, Inc (VideoReDo).
Danr and Dan203.
Dan203 is the one looking for work, is a Moderator at the TCM Forum and has posted here.
Danr, I think is the founder of DRD (not sure) that hasn't been heard from in a couple months.
I know their .com website is down and the domain name expires end of next month.
The support forum is on a different domain .net and is still active, just nothing from either of the Dan's.
You can still download the latest betas at the .net Forum.
But I'm pretty sure if you move your install to another PC or do a new install it will fail licensing right now.

That's all I know.

I've been a user since I bought it on CD in a box at a retail store (Fry's Electronics) too many years ago when I think it was Called VideoReDo Plus.

As someone who does not have a job for long time I can only symphatise and wish good luck :slight_smile:

For whatver good it may do, you can view snapshots of their website at the Wayback Machine - Internet Archive
Last one appears to be July 27, 2022

Sounds like Dan is trying to fix the website.

Some good news here "There was an error contacting the server" Msg at launch. | Page 2 | VideoRedo for those worried about online activation or upgrades.


God bless Dan203! Got my VRD re-animated!

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I've been using version 5 for quite a while now. If something happens to the VRD Internet authentication, how will that affect the installation and operation of the version 5 software?

See posts 35 and 44 from Dan203 in this thread

Thanks for pointing that out. Unfortunately, best I can tell V5 activation doesn't work that way.

Looking back through my emails when upgrading from v4 to v5 to v6.
Each time I was emailed a software key that I entered using the "Help>Enter Software Key" menu.
I would think if you had to reinstall, just entering the key they emailed you should work.
Not sure if it does an online check after you enter the software key.

Yeah, just tried that with V4 full key. Didn't work. I don't use the software a lot anymore, but it's always been great to have around.

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I thought he had it covered here, but not sure if it works with v4.

There doesn't seem to be a "manual activation" button in the wizard that I can find with version 4 or 5. Sidenote: this isn't a super urgent issue for me, I can just wait to see how things pan out.