Virtual channels out of sync

I have been having an issue with virtual channels the last few months. Using the Channels app on AppleTV

I have a virtual channel which picks from the movie library which is on my Windows 10 PC which also runs the DVR software

Quite often the schedule of movies shown in the EPG doesn't correspond to what actually appears when you select the programme.

If I force close the AppleTV app and reopen then it seems to re-sync and shows the correct programmes.

Any idea how to fix it, is it a bug?

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I just checked and my guide is currently correct for all my VC's, but I've had this issue frequently. There are previous threads regarding this in the forum. I'm not sure if it is fixed or my wife just quit complaining about it but typically I just recreated the guide to fix it. Here is a link to a previous thread, Virtual Channels Guide Wrong