Watching Recording - Won't FF thru commercials

Watching recording (Restoring Galveston on DIY) away from home and will not ff or advance thru commercials and commercial detection did not work. Tried TV remote with CEC enable with no luck.


FireTV 4K Stick 2

Did comskip detect any commercials in the recording?
Recording Options>Edit Commercials
Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 14-13-38 Channels Manage Recordings

This is a bug that's fixed in v4.0.2

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Because of that info I fired it up on my M1 MacBook and am air playing it. Thanks for the quick reply!

Is the update available out or waiting approval? Updates to me aren't easy on FireTV.

It is waiting for approval by Amazon. Hopefully by tonight.

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Does the fix address shows that are being watched delayed [while recording] as well as those already finished and comskipped?

Oh, and great work on all the most recent stuff. This is all just fantastic! Thanks!