WDMyCloud Single Drive


Third log out and log in worked. Thanks for the help again!


Login is only for remote access. If you are at home you should not be using the login option.


Without logging in the DVR does not show up


I think im really close to getting this done…however (after copy/paste of the command “wget -O /tmp/channels_dvr.bin https://channels-dvr.s3.amazonaws.com/wd/WDMyCloud_ChannelsDVR_1.0.5.bin upload_apkg -d -s 1 -p /tmp/channels_dvr.bin”

I get - “Usage: wget [OPTION]… [URL]…”

I am using SSH via Putty


Make sure you run each command separately. First this one:

wget -O /tmp/channels_dvr.bin https://channels-dvr.s3.amazonaws.com/wd/WDMyCloud_ChannelsDVR_1.0.5.bin

Then this one:

upload_apkg -d -s 1 -p /tmp/channels_dvr.bin


Thanks!!! I got the file to Download, but after running “upload_apkg -d -s 1 -p /tmp/channels_dvr.bin”

I get

“-bash: upload_apkg: command not found”

Sorry, im terrible w Linux. im on Firmware Version 04.05.00-327


This was my output:

WDFAKENAME:~# wget -O /tmp/channels_dvr.bin https://channels-dvr.s3.amazonaws.com/wd/WDMyCloud_ChannelsDVR_1.0.5.bin
–2018-10-06 13:40:20-- https://channels-dvr.s3.amazonaws.com/wd/WDMyCloud_ChannelsDVR_1.0.5.bin
Resolving channels-dvr.s3.amazonaws.com (channels-dvr.s3.amazonaws.com)…
Connecting to channels-dvr.s3.amazonaws.com (channels-dvr.s3.amazonaws.com)||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 11169 (11K) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: `/tmp/channels_dvr.bin’

100%[======================================>] 11,169 --.-K/s in 0.003s

2018-10-06 13:40:25 (3.92 MB/s) - `/tmp/channels_dvr.bin’ saved [11169/11169]

WDFAKENAME:~# upload_apkg -d -s 1 -p /tmp/channels_dvr.bin
-bash: upload_apkg: command not found


Hmmm weird.


/usr/sbin/upload_apkg -d -s 1 -p /tmp/channels_dvr.bin


WDFAKENAME:~# /usr/sbin/upload_apkg -d -s 1 -p /tmp/channels_dvr.bin
-bash: /usr/sbin/upload_apkg: No such file or directory

No luck…


Weird it’s like they got rid of that command.

What model and firmware version?


Firmware Version 04.05.00-327
2015 Western Digital Corporation. All Rights Reserved

Its the WD Mycloud from 2015


Ah that’s why. See:


AH! Dangit! I thought I installed an app a while ago. Guess not.

Thanks for your help…time for an upgrade :slight_smile: