Weatherscan: Custom Local Weather Channel

Some of you may remember the local Weatherscan channels (or may still have access to one of the rare servers still operating). I recently came across a project that has recreated the feed as an html webpage, customizable for your location.

My goal is to run a local instance of the Weatherscan Simulator and capture the page so that it can be added to Channels as a custom stream. Does anyone know how to go about this in a simple/elegant way? (OBS should work but I was hoping there would be a lightweight way of achieving webpage>m3u.)

For anyone interested there is a demo of the Simulator here...
(Click ESCAPE to change the location setting)

And here is a quick video of it in action...


Can't help you with the project, but I definitely support your efforts and hope you will keep us informed on your progress. Looks like it has a bunch of protential.

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I think VLC can do this. Not sure about how lightweight that would be, though.

It looks like we may have hit on a solution (or a good start at least) you may find interesting in a different thread. It looks promising.

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You can do this now with Chrome Capture:


BTW: In case anyone is wondering, it looks like the link in the OP is no longer working. The project has a new home apparently at:

Example at

Can you make this render in 16:9? Seems silly they're rendering it square, heh.

I don't believe so since the goal seems to be recreating the original, which was never broadcast in 16:9.

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@JMcGuire Did you ever get very far into the local running version of this project? I know that the api thing is a sticking point and the project as a whole hasn’t got much love over the last couple of years. Would have loved it if the source data had been phased over to openweathermaps which probably would have kept my interest going as a hobby project. Thanks to the BETA: Chrome Capture for Channels project I think there may be some new interest in it here.

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BTW: I am sure most people figured this out. But you never know. So if you are using weatherscan in your Chrome Capture or even HDMI encode you do not have to rely on geolocation.

If you are having problems getting proper localization with the link, just add a ?zipcode or ?city_name to choose your location…

Like Green Bay:
Like Chicago:
Or Internationally
Like London:


Weatherscan web server reported a bad gateway error. This has been happening for almost 24 hours. Anyone else seeing it?

I tested the links in the post above yours and yes, I'm seeing it, too.

Now the server is back up, but the dashboard isn't displaying any data, it's all blank and just says "undefined." WeatherScan's IT team might be working overtime...

From the scrolling ticker at the bottom
This Weatherscan Emulation is brought to you by the 5D crew. Help from Mapguy11, Goldblazez, and TWCJon! Please note this emulator is still in beta. If you encounter a bug, report it at

To stay up to date with the latest on the emulator, join our Discord Server, The Weather Ranch, at


On the Discord channel there's chatter about a software upgrade that went tits up and a rebuild needing to happen.

if anyone here is thinking of taking inspiration from this and building their own, there is a weather app on Roku that looks nice called Dashcoop.

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It's just a node application, if there isn't already a docker image of it then it shouldn't be much work at all to create one.

nice, I can also see that being of interest to folks tinkering with android-hdmi-for-channels and ADBTuner, and who are connecting Roku devices to their HDMI encoders…

Weatherscan is back up and working fine now.