Webpage the doesn't include settings?

Is there a page that has everything but settings that I can give those that might not be careful what they click?


Could you be more specific?
Are you talking about the Channels DVR web UI/Dashboard webpage?
And what is meant by "Everything, but settings" ?

Yes the DVR UI/dash. If I wanted to let someone access the page to watch TV or play a recording....but not have access to the settings tab that would let them change settings.

Was wondering if there was a page that only has playing video capabilities.

Hope that makes sense.

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There's nothing like this available. You could link them to the Guide or On Now tab directly.

I think he has the same issue I have, others in the household who can't keep their hands off stuff they shouldn't fiddle with. He makes a good point, if that's really what it is.

If you need to protect your local servers from unauthorized access from other systems on the same physical local network, then you need partition your network or set up your firewall.

Asking the software to handle tasks that should be inherent to the network seems a bit of a stretch


That's silly. There may be several people in the same house that want to use the web interface, since there is no PC client. (hint, hint)

Are you looking for just the Settings tab to be hidden?

You can still delete passes, recordings etc and do other destructive things from the other tabs. And without Settings you wouldn't be able to change the streaming quality etc for the browser.

If you don't trust the people on your network to not muck around with your settings or doing something destructive, why the blazes are you giving them access to your network.

Most routers have the ability to set up a guest network, as well as to filter access or set up firewall rules based upon MAC or IP address. For added security, you can partition your network with different subnets or VLANs and use firewall rules to regulate access.

While it may sound like the easy option, delegating the security of your network to an app developer, rather than being proactive about your network, isn't really security.

Network based security is all or nothing. The feature request here is for access to certain parts of the app for the less technically minded. Similar features are available in many OS and apps under names like "kiosk mode" or via parental controls. It has been requested before as well: Settings lock or kiosk mode

This is a fair feature request, but currently nothing like this is available.


Because they're kids?

And my hint about a Win10 client is really the best idea.

I guess given the choice to run my household like Ricky Hitler or let the kids play, let them eat cake I guess.

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LOL :nerd_face:

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Personally I restrict visitors and kids onto a separate guest network that can only access a few select services on the rest of the network, like printers; otherwise they can get access to the internet but nothing else inside.

Other users are welcome to manage their networks as they choose. But I personally think asking for restrictions on the management interface is not the right path to take. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I'll just drop it.

(I would just rather the developers targeted other avenues of development, rather than implementing a feature that can be solved with existing network access controls.)

And I would rather people who just don’t like a request or suggestion to ignore it. Now I want this more than ever.

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