Weird App Store Pop Up

Not a Channels-specific issue, but a question related to the new release from a newcomer to tvOS: on my AppleTV 4K, I opened the store to update the app and I kept getting a popup that said something like "you must accept the new media terms and conditions", I'd click OK and it would say "Coming Soon". I didn't see anywhere to read/accept those, so I uninstalled then reinstalled the Channels app and it was the latest release. What did I miss? tvOS 15.1

To close this one out: I talked to Apple Support and this is a known issue they are supposedly working on. The problem is that there is not a way to accept the Terms & Conditions from the AppleTV 4K - supposedly that is being remedied. I think the expectation is that a user would already have accepted this on their other Apple device(s), but I don't own any others. In the meantime, my solution was to load iTunes onto a a laptop, sign in with my appleID and then attempt to watch a free TV episode. Upon doing that, I received a prompt from iTunes to accept the Media Terms and Conditions. I clicked on the "Accept" button in iTunes, and that made the error go away from AppleTV.