Channels 5.0 has been released for Apple TV & iOS

After a full summer of building out these features, we've released them publicly.

Thanks to everyone who helped and provided feedback, we couldn't have done it without you!

New Features

  • Local Content - Import your own movies, TV shows, and recordings from previous DVRs.
  • Library Collections - Curate your own groups of movies or TV shows with Library Collections.
  • Virtual Channels - Turn content from your own library into your own personal live TV channels.
  • On Later - Find things to record by browsing upcoming shows, movies, and sports with a simple interface.
  • Siri Shortcuts - Shortcut actions that let you build powerful Siri Shortcuts

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This is an awesome update. Each new feature brings so much to the table and enhances the TV watching experience. Such fantastic work. Great attention to detail. Much wow :slight_smile:
Congratulations, and thanks again!


I am really excited I have been using DizqueTV to do the virtual channels for a while but sometimes it can be a little buggy so I’m excited for your excellent team to be in charge of this to keep it fresh updated and working well. The one thing that I really love about DizqueTV is that I can put the channel logo in the bottom left or right corner as I’m watching. Hopefully you guys already have that or will work on that soon thanks looking forward to getting home to checking this out!

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Great work! However, I would suggest making features like "on later" not default to being enabled.

This has been added to the latest TestFlight beta.

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No Android again. $80 a year to be treated like a second class citizen. Brilliant.


I’ve addressed your concern on the topic you created about this.


Can I send you a virtual tissue?

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I am frequently amazed at how many people complain about the service or features. I have found the software to be very consistent, minimal bugs and when something does crop up, the developers immediately begin searching for and releasing a fix. I check in the forum almost everyday and I don't think I've ever seen a day where the developers we're not on line and dealing with the rants and ravings of so many. Perhaps those of you who feel like you are not getting the attention you crave should move to a better service? Oh wait,...there isn't one...


Very well said.

Stop paying. Money speaks words are meaningless.

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I ask you respectfully if you are going to have an attitude towards the great development team you are going hear people give it right back to you. I am glad that Apple TV comes first. That's what made channels great! Android is inferior to Apple for a lot of things and streaming live TV is one of them.

And yes I do own an Nvidia shield and Roku's so I am quite familiar with them. And with all of the years of experience on all of the platforms I have found Apple TV and the channels app made my wife embrace us becoming cord cutters many many years ago. If it wasn't for the Channels App that would not have happened. Thank-you maddox and friends for continuing to make this software great!