Weird audio issue with 4k stick

This appears to only happen after significant ff/rw action. It's hard to reproduce but it's happened at least 4-5 times for me over the past month or two. The audio just turns into a kind of beeping or clicking. Stopping and restarting the video doesn't help so it is clearly a bad state that the app gets into. Quitting and restoring the app is the only thing that helps.

Strange. Next time this happens please click Submit Diagnostics right afterwards in the app.

You can try changing the Player tab to "Surround Sound: Off". The clicking/hissing sounds usually mean the dolby stream is not being parsed correctly by the TV.

ok, I'll try that. Thanks

[edit] the surround sound setting was already off. I changed the video player to hardware from software. I'll report the diags the next time it happens.

I have the same issue with the audio, but only with the stations coming in off the HD HomeRun. Anything coming in from TVE sounds fine. Any ideas on that?

TVE is Stereo OTA is usually 5.1.