What is the "Lineup" value in json of a HDHomeRun source?

When you look at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8089/devices, you can see information about all sources and channels. One of the json keys for a source is "Lineup" and I can see the following values:

  • TVE source: "Lineup":"X-TVE"
  • Custom channel source: "Lineup":"X-M3U"
  • Streaming service source: "Lineup":"XMLTV-SamsungTV" (or "Lineup":"XMLTV-PlutoTV", etc.)
  • Virtual channel source: "Lineup":"X-VIRTUAL"

The one that I'm missing is HDHomeRun since I don't have one.

Could anyone please tell me the "Lineup" value for it?

It depends on the location you're pulling the guide info, e.g.

"Lineup": "USA-OTA90210",
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It refers to the name of the guide database associated with that tuner.

Thanks. I was going to guess that "OTA" was in there. :grin:

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A HDHR Prime would look like USA-CA66511-X (for AT&T U-verse zip 90210)

You can view your lineups using the API endpoint /dvr/lineups

Cool, thanks. Does "CA" here refer to the state or "Cable"? I'm saying this because I always thought that HDHR Prime devices needed a cable card to function.

Also thank you for this API endpoint URL.
I noticed in your different posts that often mention cool links for different API endpoints. How do you know them? Is there a list anywhere?

State. To see lineups for a zip (like 10001) use the API endpoint /tms/lineups/usa/10001

See Feature request: API to explore library - #2 by tmm1

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Oh I see, that makes sense. Thanks.
I don't spend enough time playing with the network inspector. :grin:

Thanks to Aman, that's how I figured out how to create manual recordings