What kind of remote do you use with your Apple TV?

We're doing some R&D into different types of remotes and also looking into possible improvements in tvOS 14 which may allow us to support more types of remote buttons. Before we get too deep into what's possible and not, it would be useful to understand what kind of remotes people are using with Channels.

What TYPE of remote do you primarily use to control your Apple TV?

  • Bluetooth
  • Infrared
  • WiFi

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What specific remote(s) do you use?

  • Siri remote
  • Harmony Hub
  • Sofabaton U1
  • Bluetooth keyboard
  • Other bluetooth remote
  • Salt IR remote
  • Function101 IR remote
  • Inteset IR remote
  • Generic universal programmable IR remote
  • Other IR remote
  • Old metal IR Apple remote
  • Remote that comes with your TV sending commands over HDMI/CEC
  • Remote.app on iOS
  • Control center remote widget on iOS

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For the first pool, what do you answer if your primary remote is the Siri remote?

Siri remote is Bluetooth

And ir if you want to get technical. There should be another option that says Siri remote because lots of people won’t equate Bluetooth as the OEM remote, they’ll equate harmony as the Bluetooth remote.

But I digress.....

One of the most popular remotes with Apple TV is the OneForAll Streamer. There are two versions, one sold at Best Buy and one sold at Walmart. One of the buttons is different, Amazon vs Vudu. This buttons don’t work on the ATV anyway. This remote has all the functions of the Salt and is on sale for under $20 regularly.

I use the Harmony companion. I’m guessing it’s using WiFi, but it has an ir blaster.

Thank you working on it, it's good to see an option may be comming.

Definitely good to see this being worked on. I am really struggling with whether to go all in on ATV4K or Android over this remote situation.

I jump around between the Siri remote, an IR-based Harmony 650, and the TiVo "peanut" remote that I've taught my AppleTV to use. It works brilliantly with Channels and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next!

I have basically the same question. @tmm1 Do you happen to know if the Harmony hub communicates with Apple TV via bluetooth or IR? I just want to make sure I answer the survey correctly!

Depends if you setup your Harmony with the default Apple TV profile, or added the special "BT Apple TV 4" device

You can also check your Apple TV under Settings > Remotes > Bluetooth and see if it says Harmony Keyboard

For folks using their TV remote over HDMI-CEC, what brand TV do you have?

Sony X900F

+1 Sony XBR65X900F. Also use Siri Remote and Harmony Hub with Harmony BT profile.

I marked this but technically it’s the remote for my AV receiver, which is a Yamaha.


LG Magic Remote Control AN-MR18BA

Sony XBR-55X930E for HDMI-CEC

I really love the simplicity of the Apple TV remote. I dismissed it at first when I originally bought an Apple TV 4 but it’s extremely user friendly with only a few buttons.

I also have the harmony hub which I used for awhile but it’s not the most user friendly and too easy to get out of sync. When it works, it works great. When somethings off, it’s hard for my kids or wife to figure it out.

LG Magic Remote Model: AN-MR19BA for the main TV

I'm not a fan of the Apple TV remote, although it's used on at least one of the other TVs in the house.

I just can not figure out how to reliably skip forward and back with the Siri remote after reading and watching many tutorials.

Depending on what app or program I’m watching, I use it two different ways.

If I’m using Channels App and watching live tv, I’ll click the left edge of the touch pad to rewind 15 seconds if I need to see something again.

If I’m using Netflix, or watching a movie, I’m generally only skipping ahead or back if I didn’t finish watching something or the wife watched without me and I need to find where I left off. In those situations, I’ll click down on the touchpad and then swipe left or right to quickly scrub through the timeline to find where I was. It’s extremely easy to use this way since it shows a thumbnail of the video on the timeline.

I hope those tips help!